JVC full form


Meaning : Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Category : Humanitarian
Sub Category :Services
Type : Initialism

There are 2 fullforms for JVC

1.Jesuit Volunteer Corps

2.Japan Victor Company

What is the full form of JVC and meaning ?

The full form of JVC can either be for a group of people tasked with a special purpose or it can be used to denote the initials of a corporate electronics entity. 

1.Jesuit Volunteer Corps – These are volunteers that work closely with the Jesuit groups in order to assist in humanitarian aid to those in need.The downtrodden, sick,destitute and homeless are priority on the list of those that the JVC works for.

2.Japan Victor Company – Many people have heard of JVC but do not know what it stands for.It is an electronics company based in Japan and was a pioneer and a revolutionary force that aimed to put a television set into everyone’s living rooms in the 50s.

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