List of Engineering Colleges in Himachal Pradesh


List of  Engineering Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh just like Uttaranchal is situated in the absolute north of the country and is a major tourist attraction because of its hills,mountains,rivers and excellent scenery.Also it the location of a few religious shrines and sites and this draws a fair share of devotees and pilgrims.However on the educational front,Himachal maybe a small and less than developed state,but it does make up for it by its higher education institutions that provide professional degree courses in engineering.

There are close to 10 such engineering colleges all over the state but are mostly centered around Mandi and Sirmaur which are a little more developed with a stable infrastructure due to good backing from the government and funding.

Scope of engineering and eligibility in Himachal Pradesh

The engineering colleges in Himachal offer different branches of engineering like Mechanical,Electrical,Computers,IT and much more.These are important because Himachal is a developing state and the larger town and cities are constantly truing to reinvent themselves to keep pace with today’s technology and sustain the travel industry that is the backbone of the state.

There are many government based projects,dams,roadworks,bridges and other civil and power companies setup by the government.Other private IT companies,mobile service providers and manufacturing sector employ many engineers through campus placements of the many engineering colleges.

These states in the Northern belt offer cheap land and labor,as well as lots of economic benefits in order to draw large corporations to come and manufacture and produce in large plants.


College Name District State
Akal College of Engineering & Technology SIRMAUR Himachal Pradesh
Government College of Technology Mandi MANDI Himachal Pradesh
Green Hills Engineering College MANDI Himachal Pradesh
IITT College of Engineering and Technology SIRMAUR Himachal Pradesh
Institute of Engineering and Emerging Technologies Himachal Pradesh
MG Institute of Engineering and Technology MANDI Himachal Pradesh
Regional Engineering College HAMIRPUR Himachal Pradesh
The Institute of Engineering and Emerging Technologies MANDI Himachal Pradesh





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