List of Medical Colleges in Mizoram


List of  Medical Colleges in Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the seven north east states that are situated in the high hills in the extreme east of the country.The people of Mizoram are both very cultural and have a vibrant lifestyle and nightlife,but at the same time are extremely sober when it comes to a higher education especially medical studies.

There are a total of 7 medical and nursing colleges in this state and even though it is a small state,the presence of such a relatively high number of institutions dedicated to this profession shows how much in demand doctors,nurses and allied health workers are.

Scope,career and eligibility of a medical degree in Mizoram

Most of the institutes in this state are privately run and in order to get admission into any one of these training institutes,the students must tender in their admission forms and include the marks that they got in their 12th boards.Based on these marks which needs to have a strong aggregate of Physics,Chemistry and Biology,admission will be secured.

Mizoram is a big state compared to the other north eastern states and there is a good chance that a career in any of these health care professions will be lucrative.Medicine is a noble profession and very much in demand in any of the states in India.

After completing a diploma or degree,you will easily get admission into any of the hospitals,nursing homes,diagnostic clinics in the state in the capacity of a resident doctor,nurse or technical medical operator.



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