Medical Courses After 12th


Medical Courses After 12th – Most people think that getting into medicine means MBBS.Let me tell you that in the new century we are living in there are Diplomas,B.Sc,vocational, certificate courses and many other types of courses that have come up,that are not only easier to get admission into but are also cheaper to study and are of shorter duration.

I have selected the 9 best medical courses that have high employment demand.


Medical Courses After 12th



Many people didn’t know that you can do a B.Sc in medical subjects.The number of B.Sc courses that have been introduced in the last 10 years covers almost all aspects of the medical courses like B.Sc Radiology,B.Sc Pathology, B.Sc Biotechnology and B.Sc Nursing etc. There are literally 1000s of B.Scs degrees that you can choose from.

Most of these are a regular 3 or 4 years long and have to be done after 12th science. One major advantage of B.Sc degrees over diplomas and certifications is that it is the only graduation degree and because of this you will assured a job anywhere, anytime.

The reason why these Medical B.Sc degrees have become so popular is because getting into MBBS is almost impossible nowadays.You need very high rank to get into a government medical college and private colleges charge fees that are sky high.


Diploma courses in the  medical field can be taken from more than 100 options and you can choose your specialty and directly join a college after 10th or 12th depending on the institute. The good part of a diploma compared to a certification course is that it is more valuable while applying for a job.

Most diplomas come with a 3- 6 months internship that gives you on job training and gets you accustomed to the real time work.This feature sets diplomas apart from degrees and certification courses.

You can choose from Diploma in Medical Lab technician,Diploma in Pharmacy,Diploma of Hospital administration and many more.


There are many certification courses that are of short duration of 1 year or maximum 1.5 years.This is ideal for people who want to get into the industry quickly and gain knowledge.Most of these certifications are for paramedical courses like Radiology,Operation Theatre technician,MRI Technician,Dialysis technician etc.

Due to its short duration,it is highly in demand and also many of these can be done even after class 10.Also you get lots of practical vocational training which is needed for getting a job,rather than classroom studies with theory like you get in degree courses.

Best part is there is no admission procedure or entrance to clear in order to get into these certification courses.



Many consider this to be the most valuable medical degree.This is not true as nowadays there are equally important and career rewarding medical courses as you can see on this list itself.

MBBS is a 5 and half years which includes a internship of one year and is the most expensive medical course on the list.It can cost you upwards of 15 lacs at least for the entire course.Also it is extremely hard to get a seat in a government college otherwise you will need to pay through your nose in a private college.

This bachelor of medicine and surgery will give you the groundwork for future medical degrees and is a must if you want to become a specialist or surgeon.

You can also be a general practitioner or physician with just this MBBS and get a job in a clinic,hospital or start your own private practice.



BAMS – Ayurveda and BHMS – Homeopathy have significantly become very commercially popular because of the entry of Patanjali products in the market since the last 3 years.Patanjali is employing lots of candidates for it retails arm and Ayurveda has never been so much in demand.

These bachelor degrees are often considered lesser than MBBS,but let me tell you,your scope of getting a job in corporate medical as well as pharma drug companies is equal to any MBBS.It is a huge misconception that BAMS and BHMS are worthless degrees.You can be as successfully doing a private practice also earning well.


There are three main pharmacy degrees – B.PHarm, D.Pharm and Pharm D. These are Bachelor in Pharmacy,Diploma in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy.The doctor in Pharmacy is the longest duration course of all 3 and gives you certification such that you can even apply for pharmacy jobs in other countries.However it is six years long after class 12,and for those who do not wish to study for so long may pursue the D.Pharm or B.Pharm.

D Pharm is good for those who wish to enter in the pharmacy business or have an existing chemist store whereas B.Pharm is good to get a job in  any good pharma major.You can get into the marketing and sales side of drugs as well as R & D for big pharmaceuticals.


There are three main courses in Nursing which are both diploma as well as degree.The BSc Nursing is a degree course that gives you a graduation whereas the GNM /ANM which are General nursing and Auxiliary nursing are Diplomas  that are of shorter duration compared to B.Sc,but give you more practical clinical exposure.

One additional advantage of doing the GNM /ANM courses is that you get a full training in Midwifery and birth procedures. This can greatly increase your chances of getting a job in a maternity hospital.

8.Medical rep

These are marketing jobs where you will be doing marketing and sales as medical representatives for big drug and pharma role would be majorly tasked with visiting doctors in private practice as well as nursing homes and meeting with chief of staff there.

You job will be to promote and sell drugs of the pharmaceutical that you represent.You will explain the benefits of the drugs and offer prices,discounts,commissions and other sales pitch so as to maximize sales.

If you have a diploma in pharmacy it will be an added advantage,but even if you dont it will take you times to learn names of the drugs,as well as information about them including side effects and composition.

9.Transcription,writing and Coding

Medical Transcription is dealing with medical documents and good knowledge of terminology is required.Some may need good typing speed and comprehension is a must.

IF you have done any kind of medical diploma or course you will find a vacancy for these types of jobs.

Many medical BPOs also will employee you to write down what you hear from audio files,this is why you must understand medical terms and words and transcribe them correctly.

Other jobs include documentation related to patients in hospitals and clinics.

Some of the job related duties you can have are:

  • Healthcare Documentation Editor
  • Proofreader
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Transcriber
  • Audio Transcriber







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