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Mobile Repairing Course or service / training in Delhi and Mumbai to become a technician is one of the best vocational courses anyone can do these days. Few years back it was laptop repairs and computer AMC annual maintenance contracts, but since smartphones have increased in number to laptops, there are 50 times the number of smartphones compared to laptops.

The average lifespan of a Chinese make mobile that is imported from China is 2-3 years maximum. Within this time, there are always small problems that come up, for example buttons not responding, software malfunctions, or one of the most common problems is the display screen getting a crack, those that do not have Gorilla Glass. Before going ahead and taking up any course read below few commonly asked questions related to the mobile phone repairing course.

What qualifications i need to have to join this Mobile phone Repairing Course?

You need to have at least basic school education, maybe 9th standard i would feel is the least you need to have.Also your English has to be of a medium level, you should be able to understand and read English books that contain all the mobile theory. Also it would be an added advantage if you had basic knowledge of physics, or if you studied it in school. This would make few ideas more clearer and you would grasp the concepts faster, but dont worry, even if you do not have previous physics knowledge, it all comes down to practice.

What is the duration and charges for Mobile Repairing Course?

These courses have a basic and an advanced plan. Most of the shorter basic hardware courses of the first part take between 1-2 months. If you want to go further in the Mobile Repairing Course and also take the advanced course that also teaches software repairing, then that will be an extra 1 month atleast.

Most of the basic courses cost between Rs.5000-Rs.10,000 and the advanced courses will be an extra Rs.10,000. If you do these courses from a big institute, they will teach you lots of theory, and make the course long, and accordingly will be more costly, since its a bigger institute/college. The advantage of doing from these bigger institutes is that they give you a certificate at the end of completion, this certificate can be used if you plan on working somewhere.

What can i opt for after completion of the course?

If you do the course from a good institute that gives a formal certification, then you can get a job at a repair company or shop, this will earn you in the range of Rs.12,000-Rs.16,000 on average per month. The other option is to become a freelancer and start your own business. This can be more profitable, but takes time to setup and also requires money to rent a space.

I suggest you should start with a job first, this gives you good experience to make mistakes since you are new to repairing, and you learn additional things when you are around so many technicians.Later after you become a 100% expert and have lots of confidence, then you can start out on your own.

 Mobile Repairing Course Institutes in Delhi / Mumbai

Name of Institute City Duration Fees  Contact
Mitcon Pune 1.5 months 10k   020 2553 4322
National Technical Institute Mumbai, Kurla   6 months 14.4k  9892594544

Sarvajanik Computer Institute

Mumbai,Bhandup 2 months 5000 098690 69088
Hi Tech Delhi 1/3 Months     9212 577 577
MindPro Jamshedpur      092212 88068
GT Institute Mumbai,Andheri 30/45 days 5k/9k   9594427724
Mobicomguru Ratlam 1 month  


Kohinoor TI Mumbai 3/2 months    1800 274 2444
India Training Institute Delhi 2 months 12k/10k 07503022010
MTI Mumbai       9936507320
Prizm Mumbai 3 months 10,000   097731 96196
Acma tech Mumbai    

922 222 8383

KC Technical Institute Kolkata 3 months    090518 06099
Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Delhi Delhi 10 days/45 days 3k-40k   97 1888 8344

95 8222 8777

Star Institute Mumbai, Bhandup       093205 94168
Alfa Institute Mumbai,Kurla      092212 88068


Mobile Repairing Course


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