Mumbai university engineering atkt system


Mumbai university engineering atkt system – The ATKT system for engineering in colleges affiliated to mumbai university is almost the same as that of the Pune University ATKT rules.All the grading system and grace marks rules are also identical to that of Pune University.

This ATKT system is based on the number of subjects that you clear in an academic year and these subjects are referred to as heads of passing.If you do not meet this passing criteria then you will get a year down or a drop.

Mumbai university engineering atkt system

As explained earlier,in order to get admission into the next academic year,you need to clear enough “heads of passing” in order to fit in to the KT rule.For example if the ATKT rule for going from 1st to 2nd year is maximum 5 kts,then your total failed subjects should not exceed 5.

Before going further i would like to explain few terms :

Heads of Passing – This refers to all subjects including internal assessments,final exams,theory,practical and viva.The ATKT rule is always for heads of passing and NOT only theory subjects.

ATKT -If you fail in an exam,you are granted an ATKT –  meaning you can give that paper again in the next bi annual exam and get a chance to clear it once again.I have known people who gave ATKT exams 6-7 times until they cleared the paper.

Backlog – These are the amount of KTs that are accumulated over a period of one or more semesters.The more backlog you have the harder it is to fit into the kt rule and chances of a year down are greater.

Golden KT – This is the single last kt backlog that is remaining in the semester.If you cleared all kts in first year except one,you canot get admission into 5th semester.You need all subjects clear of first year.This single kt can give you a year down,and is known as the golden kt.

Revaluation – It is a procedure where you submit your corrected paper either to total the marks again(re totaling) or submit it to check the answers again and to grade you by a different examiner.There is a full article about the difference between rechecking and revaluation here.

Passing marks – In theory subjects it is 32 out of 70 total

In internal exams it is 8 out of 20,and practical is 10 out of 20.

Mumbai university engineering atkt system pros and cons

  • Out of 10 subjects in a year,it is not that hard to clear 5 and pass onto the next year
  • One very good provision is that if you score more than 50% in a theory subject then you’re internal kt in that subject is also automatically passed.
  • You are allowed only maximum 3 internal kts,these include all mid term tests,vivas,practicals and term work.This is almost close to 20 in which you can get a kt and you can easily cross 3 and get a year down

Current ATKT rules for Mumbai University

According to the ordinances of Mumbai university,engineering students can have a maximum of 5 theory subjects and three internal kts.This has been the rule for passing since a few years now.

Also the old rule of first year clear for third year admission and second year clear for final year admission is still there.

You can also get condoned if you have passed in all bu one theory paper.In this case you will get added grace marks upto 10 marks to help you pass.

If you do not clear a paper and are facing a drop – Pune university has best of performance that allows students to get a best of 3 chances and the highest attempt above 30 marks is selected and you can pass in this.

Other methods to clear papers are by applying for revaluation and/or getting grace marks.


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