Mumbai University engineering grace marks rules


Mumbai University engineering grace marks rules – In MU the rules for getting grace marks in examination subject is almost the exact rules as the Pune university Grace marks rules.If you are getting a year down because of too many ATKTs,these grace marks even in one subject can help you get to the next year.


mumbai university engineering grace marks rules

Very similar to the Pune university grace rules,there are few instances where you will get grace marks.I will list them according to the most common to the least common.

1. Condonation rule – This is the most important rule as it helps to  get all clear in the semester.

If you have ATKT in only one head of passing out of all subjects in the semester,you can get grace marks in it.Meaning – If you have 6 subjects in a semester,pass in 5 and fail in one,there is a good chance you will get condoned,however this is subject to a few conditions:

  • firstly as said before you have to pass in all,and fail in only one for this method to work.
  • you will get a maximum of 10 marks only,1% of total score of 10% of subject score whichever is less.

Ill explain this last point properly- If you get 32 in mechanics and passing is 40 marks and your total semester marks is 400 out of 750.

Now you can either get 10% of mechanics marks as grace i.e 3.2 (rounded off to 4)  marks


1% of semester total marks i.e 1% of 400 = 4 marks

Note that this is maximum till 10 marks you can get as grace.


2.Higher class rule – This rule to get grace marks is to help you get a first/second class or distinction class if you are falling short by a few marks.

For getting a first /second class – you can be graced upto 1% of your total semester marks.

For getting a distinction – you can be graced upto 3 marks in two subjects EACH,provided this is within the 1% of your semester total marks.



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