Navigator Credit Union Review


Navigator Credit Union Review – Navigator Credit Union has branches in 11 locations in the states of Alabama and Mississippi.In order to become a member,standard documents are needed like a drivers license or photo identification proof and a social security number.In addition to this,membership is limited to employees and affiliates of Northrup Gumman Ship Systems,employees of the working government of Jackson County or any business with less than 500 employees in Harrison/ Jackson/ Mobile / Baldwin county.

Navigator Credit Union Review

Why should you sign up?

Number of reasons, that include good rates on savings accounts,certificate deposits and IRAs, all of which are federally insured.An ATM Network that spans a large past of the state and can be conveniently accessed. The online system known as ‘N touch’  is useful for checking and managing your account to transfer funds,withdraw funds and do just about anything with your account all electronically.By becoming a member of Navigator Credit Union you get the most competitive loan rates-

Loan Rate
Secured Loan 2%
Auto Loan 2.99%
Boat/Rv Loan 4.99%
Home Equity Loan 3.75%-14%
Computer Loan 9.5%
Personal Loan 9.95%
Overdraft 18%
Insurance 12%


Savings 0.45%
IRA 0.551%
Share 0.351%
Checking 0.150%
Money Market 0.450%

As you can see,the above rates on loans and accounts are quite competitive and seem like a good deal.For people that fulfill the conditions required to signup for membership,it would not be such bad idea to give Navigator Credit Union a shot.I’m sure there are many dissatisfied bank customers that are itching to give  a credit union a try.This is your chance,Navigator Credit Union is as good as it gets,so get your money there.

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