New Fire Compliance rules for eateries and restaurants

New Fire Compliance rules for eateries and restaurants – For all eateries and establishments that need a health license from BMC Mumbai,there is a new Fire compliance Certificate Application that you have to fill out.This new STRICT rule is after the Kamala Mills fire of last year that claimed a few lives.

Imp note – From this year onward,all licenses are to be renewed online.All documents will need to be scanned and uploaded at MCGM website.

All health license owners need to renew various licenses from BMC every year in the month of December that will be valid from the new year.

Some of the other required  licenses are:

  • Shops & Establishment
  • Health /Eating House
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Projection & Stallboard
  • Fire compliance certificate

The Eating house license is most important for any eatery,but CANNOT BE RENEWED unless the Fire compliance certificate application is submitted first.


If you directly to  MCGM website and renew health license under Online services-health account-renew health license-

New Fire Compliance rules for eateries and restaurants

You will get an error saying cannot renew health license.please contact respective ward office.This means you need to do compliance certificate first.


So why is this new fire compliance certificate application so complicated?Lets have a look at all the various documents you need to have in order to successfully submit the application online.

  • Fire Compliance A or B Form from a fire agent listed on BMC website.These agents are those who sell fire extinguishers,fire buckets and fire other equipment.You can contact the same person who installed the extinguishers in your premises,but ONLY if he is a registered agent with MCGM can he provide you with A or B form else do not take it from him.List of agents is here.I did some inquiries and cost of Form B is approx 2500-3000 for 6 months.This needs to be renewed every 6 months.For most restaurants and eateries,this will suffice.For big hotels and cinemas,Form A needs to be applied for.
  • Architect drawing plan– this is a blueprint of the premises and should be preferably done by a govt registered architect firm.
  • Electrical audit – Needs to be done by govt registered electrician.
  • Fire Resistant door – One of the most difficult conditions -This needs to be installed again by an authorised BMC/MCGM fire agent.
  • Indemnity bond on Rs.500 stamp paper .The format which given here
  • Fire Extinguisher certificate showing validity
  • Old Fire NOC if any
  • Health license – this is confusing because you cannot renew health license without this fire compliance certificate,so how are they asking it here.Maybe you can put last years certificate and try to upload



Go here to start your Fire compliance application.

Below is actual screen shot of list of documents to be uploaded on MCGM website.

New Fire Compliance rules for eateries and restaurants



As of now all these documents are required to get the fire compliance certificate,however some hotel unions are approaching the license department to remove some of these documents as they are hard to get.Will keep you posted if any changes are there.

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