UNIVERSITY 18 REVIEW Whats it all about If any of you have receiced an SMS saying that read “Kickstart your Career with the University 18 Online EMBA and MS in IT Programs for professionals in India,UK and /uae “ Call it EMBA, or Education 2.0.that is the hybrid of web 2.0 technology and education. Its […]

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RECOMMENDATION LETTER FOR HIGHER STUDIES Your admission process  to college requires 3 important academic reports: 1.Statement of Purpose-Written by yourself 2.Transcript-Written by your high school/junior college 3.Recommendation Letter-Written by a faculty member Read – How to write a Professional Reference letter Read – How to write a Personal / Character  Reference letter Read-How to decline […]

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Aeronautical engineering colleges – Scope and Salary

Aeronautical engineering colleges – Scope and Salary – Just like the future scope of Computer Engineering or Civil Engineering has great potential, everyone of us has at some point used the phrase “its not rocket science” when talking about something that is quite simple, and not as complex and difficult to do as rocket science.Well here […]

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  Processor prices in india 2011 I7 2600    14200 I7 2600k   14950 I5 2500k   10200 I5 2400       8900 I5 2310         8500   i3 2100          5250 i3 540             4700 i5 650              9500     i5 760               9900 i7 960            14700 E5600            2785 E6600           2950 E7500             5125   Sempron                         1650 Athlon II X2               2650 Phenom II X2      4000 Athlon II x4 645     4750 Athlon […]

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VOX MOBILE VGS 505 REVIEW – First things first, we admit buying the VOX 505 on an impulse. This is an unbiased Vox mobile vgs 505 review.Trying to decide for ourselves which is the best online shopping portal out of the two- Indiatimes Shopping or Naaptol. After reviewing and purchasing from both the websites we […]

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DDR RAM PRICE September 2011

DDR RAM PRICE updated 07 september.allow 5-10% alteration for different cities   DDR3-4GB HYNIX/DYNET 975 TRANSCEND     1100 KINGSTON         1100 CORSAIR            1200 DDR3-2GB HYNIX/DYNET 500 TRANSCEND      675 KINGSTON         675 CORSAIR            700 DDR2 2GB    HYNIX/DYNET  600 DDr 1GB HYNIX/DYNET  400 DDR1 128MB                   100 256MB                   200 512MB                   400 SDRAM 64MB                      50 128MB                   100 256MB                  250

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List of Hotel management colleges in Mumbai- Here is a complete list of the best hotel management and catering technology institutes in the city. Some of these have introduced B.Sc degrees and hospitality courses in the recent years.These range from  month courses to 3 year degrees.   A.K. Hafizka College of Hotel & Tourism Management […]

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Indiatimes Shopping Review

Indiatimes Shopping Review – Online shopping can be the quickest and easiest buying experiences done right from your living room. As e commerce gets more notice in here, there are new online shopping websites that open shop every day,but one of the oldest and most trusted is Indiatimes Shopping Amidst a lot of unhappy customers,we […]

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IIPM Review

IIPM REVIEW Question- Who has heard of Arindam Chaudhuri? isn’t he the pony tailed guy who is doing books, Bollywood and a b school? I was almost going to say hes as multifaceted as me. But then we know that his father started IIPM way back in the 1970s, on the same lines as the IIMs. […]

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Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Student visa for Canada from India requirements and Study Permit -Cost and documents , eligibility of the study visa.After you secure admission from your foreign university,comes the most important part of your study abroad process getting your student visa. Without which this whole charade would only be meaningless.This is a temporary student Visa that is […]

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COMPUTER HARDWARE PRICE LIST – This is an updated computer hardware price list for August 2011 of the most selling products.we have kept out AMD and its boards as I ntel chipsets have been more in demand in the last few months owing to the sandy bridge releases,that so far haven’t yet disappointing. These prices […]

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First year engineering semester 1 syllabus

First year engineering semester 1 syllabus – The syllabus for the first year engineering F.E for Mumbai University Bachelors degree course has six main subjects and a practical workshop lab.This is an extremely hard year and being the first semester you need to work extra to clear these main subjects.Watch out for mechanics and Applied Maths […]

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FE Engineering ATKT / KT

FE Engineering ATKT / KT – F.E First year engineering atkt history rules , N kt rules,how to avoid kts,what to do if students get a drop in the first year.Also what is the future of your engineering degree if you get a drop in the first year and how it affects your chances of […]

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TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC MUMBAI INDIA – Now known as Trinity Guildhall, Trinity college examinations have been the best test of musical ability in the country for over 30 years. Trinity school of music mumbai has one of the highest number of exam applicants in India,with close to 500 candidates signing up this year. TCL […]

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F.E. Engineering May 2011 Results Mumbai

Here are the direct links to  F.E. engineering May 2011 results mumbai . These are results for F.E. Engineering Sem 1 revised 2011 and F.E Engineering Sem 2 revised 2011 Simply click on the links and enter the Seat no. for semester details   F.E Semester 1 Revised May 2011   F.E Semester 2 Revised May […]

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Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format

Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format for Authorization – In order to clear customs successfully, the sample request authority letter is one of the most important you will have to prepare. There are only two persons who can clear the consigned goods. You or the IEC license holder (whose name appears on IEC) or […]

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