COMPUTER HARDWARE PRICE LIST – This is an updated computer hardware price list for August 2011 of the most selling products.we have kept out AMD and its boards as I ntel chipsets have been more in demand in the last few months owing to the sandy bridge releases,that so far haven’t yet disappointing. These prices […]

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First year engineering semester 1 syllabus

First year engineering semester 1 syllabus – The syllabus for the first year engineering F.E for Mumbai University Bachelors degree course has six main subjects and a practical workshop lab.This is an extremely hard year and being the first semester you need to work extra to clear these main subjects.Watch out for mechanics and Applied Maths […]

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FE Engineering ATKT / KT

FE Engineering ATKT / KT – F.E First year engineering atkt history rules , N kt rules,how to avoid kts,what to do if students get a drop in the first year.Also what is the future of your engineering degree if you get a drop in the first year and how it affects your chances of […]

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TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC MUMBAI INDIA – Now known as Trinity Guildhall, Trinity college examinations have been the best test of musical ability in the country for over 30 years. Trinity school of music mumbai has one of the highest number of exam applicants in India,with close to 500 candidates signing up this year. TCL […]

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F.E. Engineering May 2011 Results Mumbai

Here are the direct links to  F.E. engineering May 2011 results mumbai . These are results for F.E. Engineering Sem 1 revised 2011 and F.E Engineering Sem 2 revised 2011 Simply click on the links and enter the Seat no. for semester details   F.E Semester 1 Revised May 2011   F.E Semester 2 Revised May […]

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Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format

Deputy Commissioner of Customs Authority Letter Format for Authorization – In order to clear customs successfully, the sample request authority letter is one of the most important you will have to prepare. There are only two persons who can clear the consigned goods. You or the IEC license holder (whose name appears on IEC) or […]

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What is AWB – AIRWAY BILL FORMAT – First things first, an AWB number is a type of Bill of Lading. There are two mainly two types of international cargo transport systems in the world, ocean and air, so naturally there are also two types of bills of lading namely ocean bill of lading and airway […]

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AIEEE COACHING CLASSES – Some useful information about AIEEE coaching classes ABOUT THE TEST ELIGIBILITY 1.Candidates from OBC,GE and DS should have been born on or after October 1st, 1986 2.Candidates from SC,ST,PD should have been born on or after October 1st,1981. 3.Have to have cleared the QE in the previous year prior to give […]

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edwise international review


EDWISE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW |TIPS|FEES – Everyone who has plans about studying abroad has heard of Edwise International. They are one of the most famous study abroad consultants in Mumbai and India. This review is due to our personal experience dealing with Edwise, we are able to comment about their services, and therefore tell other aspiring […]

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FAFSA FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – FAFSA stands for free application for federal student aid. It is a type of grant given to students for higher education, similar to the pell grant. It is imperative that all international students fill in this form at the time of admission even though they have already previously sought financial […]

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IIT JEE COACHING CLASSES – IF you have read my earlier post on “how tough IIT JEE is”, its safe to assume that you  have decided to go ahead and take the exam,or atleast are in preparation for doing so.I had given the JEE twice,in 1999 and 2000 and that was the first year that the […]

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HDFC CREDILA EDUCATION LOAN REVIEW After getting bombarded with marketing messages the last one week, by an organisation called “CREDILA” that “offered quick education loans” ,we decided to dig deeper and find out how reputable their services actually are.It turns out that Credila offers education loans to  the tune of up to 20 lacs for international […]

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IIT JEE tips

IIT JEE tips – These are unconventional ways of reaching the top.Dont ask how or why.IIT JEE is not your average entrance exam, -its the mother of them all.The way the JEE questions are framed is to make you think,analyze and visualise the answer.No amount of mugging or learning by heart can get you through […]

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Covering letter to bank for foreign remittance

Covering letter to bank for foreign remittance – EDUCATION LOAN REMITTANCE – Declaration | Cover Letter | A2 Form – After the education loan is sanctioned,and you have processed all the education loan documents and process, it is a fairly  simple task for the  remittance to go through.Four attachments have to be submitted to the […]

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SITES LIKE NAAPTOL -Due to alot of requests asking for a recommended list of sites like naaptol i’ve compiled this one.Due to alot of negative feedback about naaptol,users have asked for alternatives for online buying and e commerce.Some of them offer COD,while others only take CC/DC. Give me your feedback in the comments section,and do let me know […]

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STUDY ABROAD AFTER 12th Costs Requirements Risks

STUDY ABROAD AFTER 12th  – After you did 12th grade in Arts,Science or Commerce streams and have plans to study abroad or want to enroll yourselves into various undergraduate or postgraduate programs  are probably reading this. Getting a Student Visa and other documents is just the start of the entire process which requires a lot of […]

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CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition | Meaning |Benefits

CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition,Meaning and benefits – One of the few courses out there for any of you wannabe geniuses or deserving students with exceptional learning ability, the NACEP(an organization that legitimizes the program) has accredited a dual credit course or dual enrollment course if you want to call it that.But lets not compare this with […]

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