Promoted with atkt means


Promoted with atkt means – This is a phrase that is used by exam cells in the university marksheets that implies that the student has been promoted into the next academic year but has not cleared all the subjects of this current year.It is usually written on the marksheet of the exam that was just given and this is the final result shown.

Promoted with atkt

If you fail in even one subject then your end result in the marksheet will show as “fail” or “promoted with atkt”.If all subjects are cleared then result will be displayed as “pass”.Sometimes in results that are displayed onĀ  the board instead of writing “promoted with atkt” what the exam cell does is put an asterisk mark next to the final result and they will write pass**. This also means that the student has passed but with one or two atkts.

How to change result of promoted with atkt

If your final result is showing that you failed because of 1 or two subjects and you now have atkts in them there is a few ways to try and clear this out before appearing for the exam again.

If there might be a mistake because you think there is a totalling error,then you can submit the application for reverification.

If you think the paper checker forgot to check one answer by mistake then you submit the paper for rechecking.

Now the final and important point is that if you feel you should have got more marks in a particular question then you need to apply for revaluation.In most colleges this process is costly and can cost more than Rs.500 per paper.

The chances of success using these 3 options to remove your atkt is less,but its still worth can expect a success rate of about 5% from these methods.

what is the difference between verification,rechecking and revaluationĀ 



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