QED full form


Meaning : Quantum Electrodynamics

Category : Education
Sub Category :Physics
Type : Initialism

There are a total of 3 full forms for QED

1.Quod Erat Demonstrandum

2.Quantum Explosion Dynamo

3.Quantum Electrodynamics

What is the full form of QED and meaning ?

The full form of QED has more than three different variations and meanings ranging from computer entertainment,electronics and mechanics.

1.Quod Erat Demonstrandum – An old latin phrase used in derivations of science which literally means – what needs to be proven is now proven”.

2.Quantum Explosion Dynamo – Used in the computer game Commander Keen volume 5.This is a fictitious machine that the user can engage in.

3.Quantum Electrodynamics – In the world of unseen physics,the quantum realm is a place where Proton and electrons exist at the base level.QED is  the study of electromagnetic force in a quantum field.

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