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Reference Letter for a Foster Parent Position – When a married couple / single parent  decides that they want to go in for adoption of a child and become foster parents, it is the start of a uphill and long drawn process.This is marred by numerous background checks and character reference letters that need to endorsed by pillars of the local community.There are many laws and regulations that vary according to jurisdiction and across state lines.

Before beginning on your journey and asking for your first reference letter to be written,make sure to go through all the legalities and paperwork to ensure that you have sufficient rights to adopt a child.There are some rules that check the parents age,difference in ages of parents and adopted child,financial status,mental health of the parents and other restrictions that need to be looked upon.

Why is a Reference Letter for a Foster Parent Position asked for?

A recommendation letter or reference letter is a seal of authenticity for a particular person.It is a written declaration like an unattested affidavit that gives the recipient a mark of guarantee for the recomendee for whom it stands for.Just as it is asked in an office for an employee by a manager or for a student whilst taking admission to college,for the  foster parent in a child adoption process,this stands as a mark of trust and worthiness.

Adopting a child is a delicate and complex matter that goes through lots of verification and checks and this is Reference Letter for a Foster Parent is a solid testimonial.

Reference Letter for a Foster Parent

Who should write a Reference Letter for a Foster Parent Position?

There are some points to remember while narrowing down your search for someone to write your reference letter.Keep in mind that this person who writes the letter needs to be carefully chosen as he/she will be your virtual face and will represent you in front of the agency.

You need to select a person who is relatively well known in the neighborhood,someone who is in good standing with the local community and is a law abiding citizen.Preferably a person who has experience with children and maybe works with them in some way like a primary school teacher or professor,social welfare worker who works with charities and child NGOs.Workers of non profit organisations especially those that deal with children are a good bet.

What should you write in your Reference Letter format?

There are a few points that you can  furnish in order to give your reference letter a genuine feel and get it accepted by the adoption agency.

1.Describe your home,how large it is,your family that lives in the house presently,any kids if any. (which is an added advantage).

2.How kid friendly your home is,are there any pets?

3.How many male members in the household?

4.Any previous experience with kids,do you have biological kids of your own? and how will they accept the new child?

5.Mention how much you and your spouse (if any)love children,how much you like playing with them and how much time you dedicate to them in your work week.

6.What amount of attention you will you intend to give your new adopted child.

7.Will you  initially give more attention and time to your new child as he/she is the newest entrant into the family.

8.How will he/she fit  into the scheme of current things in the house(because it can be a life altering experience)

9.What is the financial state of the parents and are they full capable of sustaining and providing for another child?Will the child have a good standard of living?

10.What is the personality of the parent/s ?how level headed and calm are they? do they have any behavioral traits or mannerisms?

Sample Example Reference Letter for a Foster Parent 

Sarah Paulson,

Christian Social Services of Cook’s County,

224,Crescent Avenue

Buffalo,New York ,14203

January,27 2018

Dear Ms. Paulson,

This is with regards to Eugene and Kayla Whitley application of  being foster parents in the near future.They are both lovely human beings and have been part of the Church of New Bishops since more than a decade where i preach.

I have personally known this wonderful couple since the past five years and meet them every Sunday morning after i say the Mass.They are an integral part of the Parish and are actively involved in all the church activities including local fund rising campaigns and the monthly Fun Fair for Seniors.

They live in a wonderful neighborhood in the heart of town and are blessed with one daughter who is now 4 years old, rest assured it will be a joyous addition to the house and little Katie  will be an equally excited good sister to her new sibling.

Eugene and Kayla have Katie as the center of their universe and they work extremely hard at their jobs to ensure that she has the best of everything.I am confident in their abilities to raise another child with equal opportunities and will provide a comfortable and warm home to the new foster child.

I am hoping that is positive recommendation gives some value and weight age to Eugene and Kayla’s cause and may hey find happiness in your decision to allow them to have a chance to extend their heart and home to a child that needs it.

Warm Regards,

Reverend Paul Thomas

Church of New Bishops

New York,NY




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