Employment Verification Letter Sample


Employment Verification Letter sample – This type of verification letter is used to verify details like salary, designation / title and the current company the employee is currently working for. This is different from a professional reference or recommendation letter from an authority and does not talk about any other qualities or attributes of the employee whose details are being verified.

Employment Verification Letter

It is filed directly from the Human Resource department of the company and does not make references to the employees character or personal attributes.Sometimes it may give a small account of the job profile of the employee if requested.

This Employment Verification Letter is asked for directly by  a third party such as a financial institution , bank or credit union that is providing a loan to the employee and wants to know his/ her earning capacity  and job status.With this information,a loan can be sanctioned if the lending institution feels that the employee has the appropriate repaying capacity based on the current salary.

In other cases,this type of Verification letter is asked by a hiring manager of a company that the employee has applied to a job position for.This is an extremely important step in the job application process for that individual.The document analysis and background checks happens after a job interview and is used to verify claims mentioned in the resume.It maybe useful to the hiring manager of the new company to get the salary details of the previous job so that a new salary package maybe be offered to the incoming applicant based on the current compensation amount.

How future employers use the Employment Verification Letter

Besides verifying claims related to the current salary package, bonuses and perks,a future employer will use verification letter to seek out a more detailed description about the employees current  job profile,including his performance and incentives. This helps eliminate falsified claims regarding past work history and positions held.

Employment Verification Letter Format

The Human Resource department HRD manager or executive needs to attest an Employment verification letter.This needs to be done on the company letterhead that must include the company seal or stamp with the company State address.

Employment Verification Letter Sample


Systems & Solutions


Dated: 02-02-2018

To whom it may concern,

As requested by you,below is the employment record of Matthew Parker that we have on record with us.

Employee # A213ogh

Name : Mathew Parker

Current Designation / Title : Systems Engineer

Annual Compensation :$96,5000

Joining Date: 21-09-2007 till present

Date of Birth– 15-04-1985

Residential Address : 1541,Cloverfield Lane,Santa Clara,California 90354

Residential Phone Number : 555-323-6576

Social Security : 123-45-6789


Jill Kelly


Human Resource Executive

For Globaldyne Systems



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