Save Trees Essay (Save Earth) for Students and Kids

Save Trees Essay (Save Earth) for Students and Kids – Trees first appeared 4 billion years ago when the Earth was formed and will most likely be there when all other life on earth fades away.They are the very essence of our existence and we owe them our lives,but sadly we do not give them the importance that they deserve.

The most important feature of trees in our ecology is their ability to convert carbon dioxide CO2 into Oxygen O2.As we all know oxygen is needed for survival for every living organism on our planet as well as it is needed in combustion and without it,we would not be able to start a single fire.

What is Terra-forming? In the future we will trees on other planets in order to mimic how life started on Earth billions of years back.These trees will then produce oxygen and make those planets habitable.In other words,trees are the starters of life and the ones that sustain it too.

Green house gases and global warming – One of the main threats to the environment and enemies of our trees is the emission of Carbon Monoxide fumes from the exhausts of our vehicles.Along with industrial pollution and vehicular pollution are collectively called green house gases and they work in an opposite way and negate the good effects that the trees are doing by filtering the air around us.

Tree Hugging Trend – Due to the rampant cutting of large forest land and threat to our natura foliage,some NGOs like green planet and individual activists have taken it as thier own personal crusade to try and stop this destruction of our natural world.Some of them even travel down to the forests where the trees are being cut and “physically hold on to the tree”, in order to persuade the corporations to stop felling operations.

Along with gas emissions,the biggest concern of environmentalists in the 21st century is how to stop deforestation and save our planet.

Adverse effects of deforestation

Deforestation is a man made phenomena, that is the irresponsible hacking of trees by corporations for financial gain.The wood from the trees are used for various purposes in industry,but mainly for timber.Due to incessant deforestation since the last 100 years,the green cover on earth in big rain forests has decreased significantly and has brought about adverse changes and effects.

Effect on Environment / Climate

One of the direct consequences of deforestation as well as the increase in pollution has seen the changes and fluctuations in temperature and increase in natural calamities like earthquakes,tsunamis and hurricanes.The melting of the polar ice caps and glaciers slowly has also contributed to abnormal weather conditions all over the globe.Due to this,the summers are getting hotter and winters cooler,we are beginning to see extreme seasons.

Effect on water cycle

All you students and adults reading this will be acquainted with the “water cycle”.This natural phenomenon has been around for billions of years and is responsible for rain.Water that is evaporated from oceans and lakes form cloud and rain down upon us.This inturn increases growth of green cover and filters the air of carbon dioxide and provides oxygen.IF we unceremoniously cut trees,it will adversely affect this cycle,and after a few years could change climate radically.

Effect on Wildlife

The forests of the world are natural habitat for millions of flora and fauna.By destroying the native homes of animals,we are also bringing about the extinction of thier species.WE are directly responsible for the wiping out of atleast 100 species of animal life so far wither by deforestation or by building of dams.

Effect on Indigenous tribes

Not only are these forests home to animals and plants,but also to the indigenous people who have been occupying them since millennia. These ancient tribes are a relic of the world gone by and are in danger of losing their culture and homeland.

How students and young adults can save trees

Here re some way by which young adults can help make a difference:

Planting saplings

Start an initiative either in your school,community or among st your set of friends to plants saplings in your own backyard.You can even go door to door with saplings and ask people and neighbors to do the same.By doing this we can probably try and equalize the damage that is currently being done.For every tree that falls,we can hope to counter that by planting one.

Spread awareness

Young people are the future of this planet,and it is your responsibility to start a revolution and tell other about the harm that is being done to our world by the merciless cutting of trees.Tel everyone to start going paperless,this is the digital age – Ask them to refrain from using paper wherever and whenever they can.

It is our best interest to try and reclaim back all that we have destroyed,else for our future generation there will be no planet left to save.



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