School life | School life is a best life | Short Essay for Children

School life | School life is a best life | Short Essay for Children – Our years in school right from kindergarten to high school is some of the most fun years we will ever have.When we get older we lose our innocence and step into a brave new world,but the school years play an important role in preparing us for this future.


Our school years are a mix of education and playtime.We learn the best lessons of our life here at school and some of the most memorable experience of happiness and sorrow are lived in these 10 years.We make lifelong friends here and remember our classmates forever.The bond between everyone in class is like no other and can be cherished for years.


Why is school life the best ?

School life is considered the best years of your lives because it is the perfect balance or work and play.Never ever will you get this opportunity to go though a rigorous learning process,sports,plays and extra curricular activities all at the same time.After you finish school you will have to concentrate on maybe just one or two activities.Life get so much more serious and focused after school,but while you re in school you are a free bird to grasp as much as you can and fool around also.


Many people compare teachers to gods.The reason for this is that they provide you with knowledge and nurture you all throughout your childhood.They at like a moral compass and teach you things in and out of the classroom.

No matter how old you get you will never forget your teachers,professors,assistant staff and helpers who made you what you are today.

Some of the experiences of school life are:

  • The inter house competitions like Western Music,Indian music,Art,Debates,Elocution, Impromptu Speech
  • The CLubs like Scouts,Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, NCC, RSP,Cubs
  • The sports you plaed in the grounds like Football,Basketball,Gymnastics
  • The sporting meets like Athletics Meet,Swimming Gala

Stages of School Life

Our journey in school life starts at kindergarten where there is no studying but only fun filled classes with arts,crafts,running in the playground and singing.Maybe the only thing that we learn there is the English Alphabet and a few numbers.This is also a scary time for many kids as it is the first time they are left without their parents in a new environment.

In the primary school of classes 1 to 4 the initial concepts of maths and number systems are taught.These are extremely hard at first,and initial learning concepts is difficult to grasp.I give ful credit to my primary teachers who had the patience to teach us these fundamentals in maths and physics,it requires nerves of steel to deal with small kids and explain to them basic maths all at the same time.

Middle school is when we get the first taste of real examinations,languages,physics,chemistry and we realize the fun and games have reduced – literally.Our playtime in the grounds as well as arts and crafts have been cut down to only once a week.

Senior school is the most trying and testing times of your life because you have just entered your teenage years and are suddenly confronted with emotional,physical and mental changes in your life.That is on the personal front,but what about school?You will also prepare for the first biggest test of your life – the class 10 board examinations.

All your future aspirations,career,future and planning hangs on the result of this one examination. It is a life changing moment and mixed with all the personal changes that you are just starting to go through,it can be tough years.

When you finish your school life,the last days are the most memorable and saddest.You have spent 11 years in this second home and suddenly are faced with a crisis – of leaving it all behind and saying goodbye to it.Goodbyes are never easy.You will miss all the teachers,helpers,classrooms,playgrounds and halls that have shaped you into the person you are today.

You are a reflection of the school that nurtured you throughout your childhood.A whole new world awaits you,but your school days,you will never forget.






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