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Short And Long Essay On Online Classes | Online Classes Essay – This is an essay and composition that gives us an indepth detailed view on how online classes are conducted for the students, the experiences, benefits and drawbacks.

Essay On Online Classes in 500+ Words


Education has been an important part of our lives since a long time now and it is the stepping stone to having a goof career in the future.From the ancient methods of teaching under trees to the new generation of modern gizmos and digital electronic education, we have all come a long way.

During the pandemic,we had to change the way we educated ourselves and due to stringent government regulations we were made to turn ot our laptops and digital devices to study online.

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Ever since our way of electronic education has made us attend online classes, teaching has never been the same and this has ushered in a new era of digital learning.All students that attend online classes need to have atleast one hardware device like a laptop,computer or mobile phone in order to connect to the internet and login to the meeting.

There are various software instruments that are capable of enabling us to join a conference room.Google duo,Zoom,Jio meet and others have forayed into this space ever since the lockdown was issued.Out of these Zoom was a major player and most schools and offices used this to conduct meetings and classes.

Most of the students benefitted by online classes however there was a section of the population who live in rural areas, small towns and tier 3 cities who were at a disadvantage. Many of these poorer students did not have the means to connect to the internet via a desktop computer, laptop or a smartphone.Also another important drawback is the lack of infrastructure, telecommunications and internet speeds that adversely affect online classes for this section of students.

The state governments have been very helpful in assisting many students of weaker economic backgrounds and have been instrumental in providing computers and laptops to aid these students with the distribution of this hardware.

One of the best things that has emerged from the online classes is the interaction between the teachers and students and how this has drastically helped all the students with addressing thier concerns.


Online classes have been very helpful and beneficial for thousands of students all over the world during the pandemic and it has helped them to keep upto date with the syllabus and get promoted to the next academic year.If it were not for these virtual classrooms and the dedication of our teachers then the education system would have been in turmoil.

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Short Essay On Online Classes In 300+ Words

The pandemic has made online classes an important part of every students life over the course of the past year. Thousands of schools have benefited through this digital platform and has changed the way the education system operates. Traditional classrooms have given way to electronic teaching through which vast amounts of data can be shared in the forms of images,videos and other media.

Even though many have benefitted with this new mode of studying, there have been a fair number of advantages and disadvantages that can be summarized below.

Advantages of online classes

1.The biggest advantage is that there is a focused attention and one on one interaction between the teacher and the student even though the entire classroom logs in for the duration of meetup.

2.A wide array of media including text files, pdf documents, webpages and other types of files can be instantly shared and viewed in real time by the teachers and the students.

3.Online tests, exams and submission of homework becomes seamless and uncomplicated.

4.Students from all parts of the country can log into to the meeting and attend the online class.

5.Students can attend classes from the comfort and safety of their own homes and do not need to venture outside.

Disadvantages of online classes

1.One of the main drawbacks of online classes is the strain on the eyes of the students as well as physical strain, posture and discomfort that are experienced during long hours in front of the computer.

2.Many poorer students do not have the means to buy laptops or computers which makes it difficult in villages and small towns for them to join online classrooms.

3.It is hard for the teachers to keep track of mischievous students who prank others during the classes.

4.Its difficult to conduct tests and examinations in the online mode where the students are in their own homes.There is no way to regulate discipline and methods of cheating.

5.Technical snags and difficulties often interrupt the classes.


Many students will vouch for the fact that online classes during the lockdown has been greatly beneficial and has provided them with immense knowledge and skills.However there still is a debate whether this is actually the future of the education system and if these online classrooms will one day replace traditional teaching.

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