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Should you order from – Global Rocket group of internet properties owned’ s sub territorial offspring in india is Just launched over a month ago, has already begun its aggressive online advertisement campaigns through the Google Adsense network.

The concept of foodpanda is simple. It lists restaurants and eateries ina particular city, arranged area wise, so that users can easily use the drop down menus and target a vicinity for delivery.The user then chooses his dishes from a listed restaurant menu and places the order online.FP will then call up the restaurant and place the order there.There is no facility by right now to pay onsite, but the payment has to be made to the delivery person in cash on arrival. deals


The downside to Foodpanda is that most restaurants have a pre selected minimum order in the range of Rs.300-Rs.500. So what is so compelling about Foodpanda? Why should you order from here instead of just calling up the restaurant directly and order of a smaller order instead of going through the hassle of opening a website and then ordering more than you need? this puzzled me. deals

One of the good reasons to order from here was their “deals” section. Some eateries actually had some neat deals like ” order one get one free” sort of thing, or get a discount on certain food items etc. This made sense if you are a large group of people that are getting some benefit by ordering from foodpanda in this way. For a single person ordering from a restaurant without any deals, just doesn’t seem worth while. Another good reason to order form here is that they display the menus online, so it easier to choose what you want instantly.

On the whole, there are alot of websites that offer this kind of service. Its a good idea to watch out for foodpanda deals and order those,some of them are real value for money, and remember since this is a new portal, there will be many more introductory offers on the way,so keep your eyes open.

Foodpanda revenue model

Very straight forward and simple revenue model of foodpanda. When the user places an order with the site, the order is transferred to the restaurant, and in exchange, the restaurant gives a flat 15% comission to foodpanda on the total orders accumulated in the month at that restaurant.In addition to this, they may charge a restaurant a small fee to appear higher in the list of restaurants for a particular search area, more like a featured restaurant that gets top position.


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