SSC RESULTS May/June – Before i give you the link to check up on your ssc results remember this- passing or failing the exam is not a measure of your aptitude,intellect or … Let me tell you something funny,but if you do fail ,you will learn much more about that subject  than someone who did passing with 90%.The second time you give the retest your  knowledge will be so broad,you will be happy to have failed the firts time.The confidence you get after that will help you alot later in life.People who pass with flying colors,in my opinion,will never get far in life,because they simply have not had the experience of hitting rock bottom.

For the people reading this that hope to fare extremely well,i commend you guys,simply because i could never be you.I know how much of hard work must have gone into your preperation,and its only fair that you get the merit that you deserve.

check your results here:

Andhra SSC

Maharashtra SSC

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