Taxact Endeavor card review


Taxact Endeavor card review – The Taxact endeavor card review comes right around tax time.After talking about the benefits and drawbacks of the Turbotax Card and the H& R Block Emerald card,lets see how the Endeavor card looks in comparison.
Taxact Endeavor card review
As far as tax software goes,Taxact does come in after Turbotax and H& R block according to alot of taxpayers according to usability and efficiency. In my opinion,what i think comes off as pretty standard for a prepaid debit card are the free direct deposit,moneygram and other uses like online and store purchases.
Just like other tax cards,probably the best you would want this card is its easy integration with the Taxact software,if that’s what you use to prepare and submit your tax returns.Just like the other two tax cards,your tax refund can be directly accessed through your Endeavor card within 7-10 days of your refund acceptance by the IRS.

Comparison between H & R Emerald block,Turbotax Endeavor

Taxact Endeavor card review
So whats good about it? One advantage of the Endeavor card is that it is affiliated to the NYCE network that has an ATM array of 360,000 nationwide.Also,ATM withdrawals are charged at $1.95 per transaction which is less than the standard of $2.50 for other tax cards.A few details are hazy regarding the permitted daily withdrawal limits.
Some reports suggest upto a full withdrawal,limit of $15,000 a month.This is also the max loadup of the card.So you can possibly withdraw every last cent that you have-though it would be a good idea to leave some in the account for future fees
Contrastingly, most atms do not permit more than $400 in day,so that would amount to roughly $12,000  a month.
What i found to be a surprise (in a bad way) was the issuance/enrollment fee of $16.95.Even though its a one time fee,i felt that the Endeavour card should be free for all those who use the Taxact software.Paying for the software should be enough.If the leading tax software provider can give it free,then why cant Taxact?

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