Testatrix or Testator appointed Executor


Testator appointed Executor РHere are a few brief points to show how a Testator appointed Executor can help with handling your estate.

Make sure that he/she is much younger than you.This may seem very obvious,but there have been cases where the executor dies before the testator/testatrix.

Have an alternative executor to your estate.This may come in handy in the event of your primary executor not being willing,not being available or incapacitated.

There sometimes maybe the need to appoint a co executor in addition to just the single executor to the estate.This may particularly be important if there may be more than one son/daughter and both have to be appointed as executors.

Make sure that the person has the time to handle proper execution of the will because sometimes, the average time is one year.

5. Acumen
Should have the financial knowledge,accounting, and business acumen to handle the successful execution of the estate.

6.Well Off
The executor of the estate has to have deep pockets/financially well off.If he/she makes an erorr while handling the estate,he/she could be sued

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