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Transfer of residence rules for cars – Apart from household goods and other domestic cargo,there are separate customs charges and duties for import of cars,motorcycles and pets.Also check the nri  customs rules for transfer of residence customs duty charges

Transfer of residence rules for NRI baggage click here 

Transfer of residence rules for cars

Either a motor car or motorcycle maybe imported.

Motor cars are not specifically mentioned in the Baggage rules by CBEC but a few conditions are laid down:

If the shipper has the used the car previously for atleast a year for it to qualify for TR.

It should be atleast 1600cc engine if used, or less than 1600cc for brand new motor car, however duty of 111% will be levied on original price of car.If car is used then depreciated price will come into effect:


For used cars,the depreciation in price of car is calculated as :

1st year-4% every quarter =16% p.a

2nd year-3% every quarter =12% p.a

3rd year-2.5% every quarter=10% p.a

4th year-2% every quarter =8% p.a

Up to 70% depreciation allowed thereafter

Transfer of residence rules for cars

For transfer of pets, only 2 animals per passenger is allowed. Either dog or cat , provided it satisfies all heath checks, otherwise will be quarantined.

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