Two Hour Tomorrows


Time was never my thing. As much as I tried, I could never have enough of it. I could never fit in all the things that I wanted to do; what I had to do; and what others wanted me to do In a 24 hour cycle. Between walking and feeding my dogs, helping granny with daily chores, meeting up with my friends, working, writing my blog , sleeping, shaving, showering and my exercise workout, I wished a magical genie would magically appear and grant me just 2 hours more everyday to work my master plan. That night I received an envelope in the mail. On opening it, a small white square plastic device like a mobile phone fell out. It had an indentation in the shape of an apple on it on one side, and on the other side it had just one button on it that said “IAngel”. I Clicked the button and a blue bald headed smiling bespectacled man appeared from the “IAngel”. He said “ I am Genie Jobs, and since this is version 1 of the IAngel, you will get just one wish, so go on and make your wish”.

Being a huge fan of Sci-Fi, I figured out perfectly how I would achieve this enormous feat whilst incorporating everything into my daily scheme of things. Since I considered myself smart and shrewd, i would take advantage of the Genie Jobs I thought. I figured genie Jobs to be a simple, dumb sort of guy since he was as old as time itself, and he wouldn’t know how conniving a guy from Mumbai in 2011 would be. So I would ask Genie Jobs, instead of giving me 2 hours all at one stretch in a day, to allow me say “stop” anytime during the day, and when I said “stop” time in the real world would stop, people would stop still, animals, cars, flowing water, falling rain, would all be frozen in time, but for me, time would cease to exist and it wouldn’t stop. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, wherever I wanted for 2 hours only in a given day, and when I said start again, time in the real world would get back to life, just like the pause button on your tv remote , but only this time I had the remote to time on the tip of my tongue. That thought, cast an evil smirk on my face, and I was loving every second if it. Genie Jobs scratched his blue bald head, smiled and nodded his head in agreement. I was thrilled, Genie Jobs was such a fool.

Having two more hours in a day just by saying stop and freezing time would allow me to finish off all the things I had to do and leave the rest of the day to do the things I love to do. STOP! I first leashed my dogs and took them down for a stroll, they dragged me all over the place and I had to run as much as they did after they chased cats and rats. Phew! I was exhausted, but time to feed them now, so i poured them a bowl of Pedigree,35 minutes done,I had1 hr 25 mts left. Next 25 pushups,25 pullups, I felt great, but sweated like a pig. Quick shower, shave and shampoo! I smiled at the mirror, I was good as new. 30 minutes left and last leg of the race. I had to finish what my granny had asked me to do- chop vegetables in the kitchen, take out the garbage and run down to buy her some Surf Excel which she swears by 😛 Two hours done and I was ecstatic! START! All that was left was to drop by my workplace for a few hours write my blog post there, and then grab some beers with my friends! WOOO HOO! My life was perfect. Those 2 hours really made my life easier and a whole lot more fun, I couldn’t stop smiling and wondering why genie Jobs gave me more than I bargained for. He did say he would grant me only one wish since it was IANGEL 1 but why did he agree to my stop start bargain and threw it in free? I thought who cares im having a ball.

Woke up the next day looking for my IANGEL to call Genie Jobs for todays routine. Just then I heard as my sister shrieked! She came to my room “where the hell have you been since yesterday?? someone shaved the dogs fur!! The vegetable tasted like it was cooked in Surf Excel ! Theres garbage all over the shower cabin and granny is drunk on the sofa!


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