Ultimate laptop purchase checklist


Ultimate laptop purchase checklist – Some of the unavoidable things anyone should go through before they indulge in their next laptop buying endeavor, ignoring these points would be sacrilege.

Screen brightness

Check the various combination keys on the keyboard to dim or turn up luminosity,a wide array is preffered to reduce glare and adjust if its used for gaming


Easily the most important aspect of deciding how much processor power you need,depending on your budget and usage,  from low level internet browsing to multimedia applications.You could opt for the lower edge atom and sempron 64 bit machines or second generation i5 and i7 sandybridge releases.Starting from $400 to $1900.


This may matter to those that need  high resolution vantage for memory intense graphic processes,these often lead to hgher heat dissipaton and battery usage,which needs to be pre checked.

Heat dissipation

Two factors contribute to this attribute,gpu and cpu,because of which you will need a cooling pad,which we would like to avoid.the higher the processing platform,the more power generated.Keeping that in mind,chose wisely.

 Memory  specs

Static and dynamic,current industry standards  are 4 gb memory DDR3,which needs to be  manually upgraded in future and HDD capacity now for static drives are in the range of 500GB to 1TB 7200 rpm.


Atleast 6hour standyby  time at a stretch and 3 hours working time should be expected from  the lithium  battery


Jack slots should include,atleast 2 ports of USB 3.0,RJ 45 connector jack,mmc,sd or ms memory expansion slots,starndard audio ports and 802.11.B wifi.


One of he most important factors is to check if the label has its own service and afterales support center in the city limits or do they source that to a 3rd party service center.


Most warranties are for a period of one year,Check if that is an international warranty,and if you could upgrade to extended warranty for a few bucks more.the extended warranty will last you another 2 years more and is recommended.

 Screen size

Depending on your purpose of use,netbooks start from 10.2 “ to 17” laptop screens,which are for users that don’t plan on carrying it around.The price of any laptop is based on its screen size,just like the new age tablet pcs, 7” tablets are cheap and gradually increase to 10.2”.


An often overlooked feature that must be taken into consideration is the resale value,as laptops in the second hand market command a good price.You can get anywhere between 35% to 60% of your original price after a short time.Of the these,the macbook and macbook pro are cited as having the highest resale value.Even overseas markets in china are a huge draw for selling second hand laptops,which can be bought off their e commerce sites instantly.


Vain,but something we all appreciate.Matte,glossy,textured and square,theres a lot to chose from,especially if youre lugging it around the coffee shop for the better part of the day.


Most Vendors don’t include this in prices,so check before hand for the licesensed copy,remember if its bundled,its better!

Goodluck shopping and i hope this laptop purchase checklist will prove useful.


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