Unconventional ways of being a good businessman


Unconventional ways of being a good businessman – There are thousands of blog posts,self motivational books and guides that drop tips on how to be a better businessman and learn tricks that may help you succeed in your business endeavors. In my post i have some unorthodox traits that some highly successful business people i know share.Understand, that if you do not possess any of these traits,you can cultivate and breed them,just like you do with any other skill.No one is born with these qualities,they are only acquired over a period of time.

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If you have to be good at making money,its important that you believe in it and obsess with it so much,you almost reach a point that it becomes you.This begins  with you worshiping every penny you earn.Just like a Houdini illusion, businessman have that ability to create wealth from thin air,but this takes time and patience.I hate to use the classic example of refugees all over the world,for some reason they make the best businessmen,that is because they have such a tight fist and absolute control over their expenditures.At any given time, in a second,  i will tell you how much money i have in my pocket, in my bank account and what i owe for the month in the form of bill payments.


I believe people who fail more than once,learn more than they ever could than if they succeeded.For every 10 radical business ideas i get,5 never see the light of the day, 4 fail miserably and one stays afloat.More than analysing why that one business brought in money, i lament and dwell over the 4 that failed and find ways to tweak them so that they might become productive in future.You may think this is foolish,and  anyone else would instead find out the secret behind the one successful business and replicate that.

unconventional ways of being a good businessman


Good business people have the uncanny trait of being go getters even in the most adverse situations.This is where ill throw the logic card.People without quirks often use straight reason to deal with situations, mainly because they are scared that any other way of dealing with a problem might inflate it and inversely render it out of proportion.They don’t have the guts to steer out of the ordinary,which is what “Neo” from the “Matrix” meant when he said “its never been done before,that’s why its going to work”.



Having quirks makes you different from the rest of the pack and gives you that added human touch to your personality.Most of us have them but the ones that borderline on being labelled “weird” might just have what it takes to go that extra mile.
What everyone has to realize is that business is not about convention.Making money is the single most important aspect of sustenance and that is the reason you cant apply conventional wisdom and understanding to it.If you think your’e even mildly eccentric,chances are, you could scheme up a brilliant route to the bank.


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