Will CHINDIA Rule the world


Will CHINDIA Rule the world – Imagine the superpowers of tomorrow merged today,…
It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s minds over the last few years, The BRIC nations have been pitted and compared to the G7 on more than one occasion, what happens if China and India bond over more than just a cup of tea? what if diplomatic ties are interleaved?.Here is a closer look at the phenomena that’s in the making.

economy chindiaEconomy
CHINDIA recorded the highest GDP Growth, at 10%,it has been one of the few entities to show a positive and advancing exponential growth rate after the 2009 financial fallout triggered by the US.
Looking at the latest issue from forbes,a “greener back” story can be seen.
The capital amassed by CHINDIA corporations are staggering, with 58 new billionaires added to the forbes list this year,driven by Guangdong provinces’ manufacturing magic kingdom that creates more wealth everyday, and has issued the most number of IPOs in the world on the shenzen stock exchange.
Standing far apart, CHINDIA has the lowest figures for public and international debt, and the best developing infrastructure that consists of the largest road and railway network in the world,and the highest vehicle production rate.

workforce chindiaProduction
In The last 50 years,CHINA and India have been criticized for their lack of family planning and enormous masses. Collectively accounting for 2.4 billion people,it comprises 34% of the earths population.IT seems the times have changed and the critics have been silenced.The worlds largest democracy has turned into a billion soul workforce churning system where Money is in numbers, while the rest of the world ponders.More people means more buying, selling,production, more industrial output and of course more money, and we remember the man who once said-money makes the world go round.

trade chindiaTrade
The untouchable king of the export trade,CHINDIA exports combined stands at $1.7 trillion per annum,that’s more than the entire export produce of the Euoropean union. Since industrial output is so high,CHINDIA also becomes the largest power consumer on the planet. CHINDIA leads both in Export as well as import commodities.


telecom chindiaTelecommunications
One of the yardsticks of developing magnitude is media and the telecom sector,both of which are dominated by CHINDIA.Mobile phone subscribers in China add up at 875 million and 811 million for India, respectively which gives us a total of 1.7 billion users.The third largest mobile phone user base is the US, far back at 311 million, Its no wonder that the largest multinational corporation in India is Nokia.
The Internet revolution might have been kick started in the US, but CHINDIA collectively has the most number of internet users in the world too, at 576 million, its more than the combined total of the entire European union and USA together.

military chindiaArms & Military Troops
Apart from the superior economic showing of CHINDIA, a vital necessity for any superpower would be its military and defensive capability.Both china and India have weapons of mass destruction, collectively more than a thousand nuclear warheads. Their military troops together number close to 10 million ,and in adversity,if they needed a helping hand, their “BRIC brother” Russia could give them an additional 20 million more troops.Safe to say that’s enough to keep the other 150 countries of the world busy.

forex chindiaForex
Discussed explicitly in “don’t kill the dollar”,China has the largest Forex reserves In the world at this point of time,what the US has eroded is China’s gain,and CHINDIA with a net total of close to $3 trillion, could well as be the deciding power to nominate the next reserve currency in the decade to come