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Yebhi.com review  – WE often wonder why there is always so much bad press and consumer complaints about online shopping websites. Most of them seem genuine and trustworthy,and thats not just an off the cuff statement.It is after ordering and delivery that we come to the conclusion about how the service and product can be rated.So far, most of the E Commerce websites that are reviewed on here have all satisfied us, and we wont be visiting the online consumer courts anytime soon.

Getting back to the Yebhi.com review, the reason we decided to shop at this online store was to see how genuine most of the branded apparel and shoes were,owing to the large amount of reviews saying otherwise.So for our test shop we ordered “ADIDAS running shoes” from the website.

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Something that everyeone should know about Yebhi.com is that according to sources it used to be called “BIGSHOEBAZAR”. Take a cue from that and make it your first destination for anything you can put on your foot. They have diversified into clothing,mobile phones and other gadgets too.But shoes is what they built their business on, and in the last 1.5 years thyve done pretty well.

yebhi.com shoe review bigshoebazar

As far as the delivery “taking ages to come”- goes,ours came in exactly 5 days.The courier guy was extremely polite and understanding.He went to our secondary office which was closed that day and waited for a while,then rang us.We gave him instructions to come to our main office which was a short walk.Even in our main office we were at lunch.It was a good 15 minutes before we came back and pay COD.Inspite of the inconvenience, he was patient and composed.A far cry from many reports saying the couriers are rude,impatient and talk loudly.

The product was good quality, and being an ADIDAS customer for years now,we can say it definitely is 100% original.Bottomline is if you want anything to do with shoes,then Yebhi.com is your best bet.The online interface is easy to navigate and user friendly.They have sales and “super savers” with some great discounts and promotional items thats worth a check out.A good experience shopping here.Definitely recommended for shoes.

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  1. Sushma May 21, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    I’ve never done online shopping yet. But really wish to try once… Yebhi.com is having a great excellent awsome collection of shoes. But really confused by the complaints and talks about yebhi.com. Please someone suggest what to do…so that i don’t have regret later on.

    • jojo22 May 21, 2012 at 9:49 am #

      shoes is alwaysa proble, becoz of the fit,,i had a very bad experince with myntra for shoes,,changed it 3 times,,then finally asked for my money back..better goto a shop..where u can try it out properly before buying

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