YSL full form


Meaning : Yves Saint Laurent

Category : Fashion
Sub Category :Brands
Type : Initialism

There are 4 full forms of YSL

1.Yves Saint Laurent

2.St.Leonard Airport

3.Yolk Synctial Layer

4.Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited

What is the full form of YSL and meaning ?

The full form of YSL has four different and varied meanings for which they stand for ranging from designer garments,avaition to marine vessel manufacturers.

1.Yves Saint Laurent – One of the most famous designer fashion brands in the world and also one of the oldest.Every celebrity is dressed in one of these and now has become a billion dollar corporate entity

2.St.Leonard Airport – Situated in the Eastern Region of Canada in the province of New Brunswick,The IATA call code for this airport is also YSL

3.Yolk Synctial Layer – In the field of Zoology and captive breeding of Zebrafish,this is an outer layer of the embryo that is of immense significance.

4.Yarrow Shipbuilders Limited -One of the biggest ship builders in the whole of UK,it is situated in Scotland.

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