YT full form


Meaning : Youtube

Category : Internet
Sub Category :Website
Type : Initialism

There are 10 full forms of YT

The full form of YT has more than 10 different variations,meanings and interpretations for the phrases that they individually represent.These range from internet companies, aviation, rail,animal breeds and much more. 


2.Air Togo

3.Yevat Railway station


5.Yorkshire Terrier

6.You there


8.Mayotte domain name


10.Yotta tesla

What is the full form of YT and meaning ?

1.Youtube – The biggest video sharing website and community on the internet today.It is currently owned by Google and is one of the top five most visited websites on the web today.

2.Air Togo – Not a very large airport,this was set in the paradise island of Togo and had the IATA airport code YT.

3.Yevat Railway station – Located in the interior of Maharashtra near the city of Pune,this is the railway station code YT.

4.Yellowtail – Not to be confused with yellowtail tuna,however this also is a sea fish that has a distinct marking of yellow on the tail

5.Yorkshire Terrier – Terriers are one fo the most famous breed of dogs in the world and this particular variant is known as YT.

6.You there – this is chat phrase that we use to ask another person if there are online right now and are available to chat.

7.Mayotte – One of the smallest countries in the world that is an island nation in the Indian Ocean

8.Mayotte domain name – Named after the country ,this is the local website top domain name for businesses that originate in that country.

9.Yukon – This is province that exists in the north of Canada and is inhabited by the local indigenous population that have lived here since millennia.

10.Yotta tesla – Named after the famous physicist that discovered magnetic flux – Nikola tesla.Yota is 10 to the power of 24 and is used to measure this phenomena.

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