Credila education loan eligibility


Credila education loan eligibility -If you have got admission to a university and need funding, either a bank or a private financial institute will be an option to get a loan. If you want to go for a private institution, make sure to meet the Credila education loan eligibility that is given below.Make sure to meet all these requirements to avoid any disappointment.


1.Co- Borrower should have a good job with a reputed firm and should be able to produce last three months salary slips

2.Co-Borrower should have good credit history and a good payback capacity and working on a metro city.

3.Borrower should fill in the credila application form properly and submit it along with relevent educational documents.

4.Admission notification from the college or university stating that the borrower is selected for admission along with the total tuition fees for that particular course

5.Co- Borrower should be a close blood relative only.

6.Depending on the loan amount and status of credit history of co Рborrower, a collateral can  be asked by Credila.

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