Recommendation Letter from teacher for college

Recommendation Letter from teacher for college For a  Recommendation letter for higher studies please click here. Before going ahead make sure that you have your statement of purpose SOP and transcripts also ready.    November 9, 2017 To Whomsoever It May Concern    I, the undersigned, a senior professor at (Institute), have known Mr/Miss (Name) since […]

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TOEFL registration fees in India

TOEFL registration fees in India – TOEFL is offered at 40 locations all over India. Toefl registration fees in india is as of FEBRUARY 2018 is $180. Other fees are as follows: Late registration US$40 Rescheduling US$60 Reinstatement of canceled scores US$20 Additional score reports (per institution or agency) US$20 each Speaking or Writing Section score […]

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Overseas Education fair February

Here is  a list of Overseas Education fair February 1.IDP education fair Saturday,11 FEB 2012 11am -4pm-Hotel Novotel, juhu beach,mumbai http://www.india.idp.com 1800-102-2233/44118888   2.Global Oportunities Saturday,11 FEB 2012 11am-5.30pm-Hotel JW Mariott http://www.global-opportunities.net 42764242/66340077/41221226/   3.Edwise Tuesday,7 FEB 2012 10.30am-5.30 pm-Hotel JW Mariott http://www.worldeducationfair.com 43455555/27809020   4.GEEBEE Friday,3rd FEB 2012 10am-5.30pm-Hotel Hyatt regency http://www.geebeeworld.com 26287727/28954545

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Top biomedical engineering schools in USA

Top biomedical engineering schools in USA – Biomedical engineering schools are some of the most valued in the academic arena nowadays.This is due to the fact that biomedical engineering is an emerging young field and holds tremendous future prospects.This makes it on the most wanted list for students seeking a stronger career advantage.In this post […]

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Uk student visa fiasco bans Indian banks

Thishasn’t come as a surprise to most study abroad consultants in the country. Many of them ironically are to blame In a way. In order to avail of a student visa, it is a mandatory requirement that tuition fees and other expenses be shown as proof in a bank account before the interview. Also a […]

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Nursing Colleges in Australia

Nursing Colleges in Australia -All Nursing colleges in Australia and other institute that offer courses in nursing conform to a set syllabus of study laid down by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council.The courses in most of the colleges and universities below span about 2 years with an additional year for clinical placements.One of the […]

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Cabin Crew Training in Australia

Cabin Crew Training in Australia – There are more Flying schools and Pilot training institutes  than Cabin Crew Training in Australia which number just a few.Many of them are accommodated to adjust to foreign students and that is the primary reason that the courses are spread over just 8 weeks.This is to ensure that the foreign student can […]

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MS or MBA which is better ?

MS or MBA which is better  -Classic question that’s been doing the rounds is- out of the two MS or MBA which is better  Of course we all know that an MS is an American Degree for post graduation Engineering.MBA for that matter can be done in USA or at your home country too,most of […]

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RECOMMENDATION LETTER FOR HIGHER STUDIES Your admission process  to college requires 3 important academic reports: 1.Statement of Purpose-Written by yourself 2.Transcript-Written by your high school/junior college 3.Recommendation Letter-Written by a faculty member Read – How to write a Professional Reference letter Read – How to write a Personal / Character  Reference letter Read-How to decline […]

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Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Student visa for Canada from India requirements and Study Permit -Cost and documents , eligibility of the study visa.After you secure admission from your foreign university,comes the most important part of your study abroad process getting your student visa. Without which this whole charade would only be meaningless.This is a temporary student Visa that is […]

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edwise international review


EDWISE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW |TIPS|FEES – Everyone who has plans about studying abroad has heard of Edwise International. They are one of the most famous study abroad consultants in Mumbai and India. This review is due to our personal experience dealing with Edwise, we are able to comment about their services, and therefore tell other aspiring […]

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STUDY ABROAD AFTER 12th Costs Requirements Risks

STUDY ABROAD AFTER 12th  – After you did 12th grade in Arts,Science or Commerce streams and have plans to study abroad or want to enroll yourselves into various undergraduate or postgraduate programs  are probably reading this. Getting a Student Visa and other documents is just the start of the entire process which requires a lot of […]

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CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition | Meaning |Benefits

CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT Definition,Meaning and benefits – One of the few courses out there for any of you wannabe geniuses or deserving students with exceptional learning ability, the NACEP(an organization that legitimizes the program) has accredited a dual credit course or dual enrollment course if you want to call it that.But lets not compare this with […]

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DORMITORY DISASTER- HOW TO AVOID IT – When you’re fresh out of school and just got your ticket to college, its quite an exciting feeling. You even made your choice about where you’re going to be put up. Dorm rooms are a place where all the action happens, or so you’ve heard, and you want […]

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Is Australia a good study abroad destination

Is Australia a good study abroad destination – Lets clear some doubts here. Lets get real. Most other education agency websites have proclaimed that Australia is a safe house again, and the incidents that happened a year ago were blown out of proportion, and were isolated incidents. Since our blog is non profit, we seek […]

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Statement of purpose format for undergraduate

Statement of purpose format for undergraduate – Your statement of purpose for enrolling into a particular course or college will be one of the most crucial pieces of literature you will have to write in your academic adventure.The college/university admissions board look at it as your reason to be there(or not to be there) and […]

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College Transcript Request – How its done right

College Transcript Request-How its done right – Along with a recommendation letter for higher studies or a reference letter by a teacher you need two documents. A statement of purpose and a college transcript. Before you submit your application for admission to a university or college,along with it you have to attach your college transcripts […]

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