Uk student visa fiasco bans Indian banks

Thishasn’t come as a surprise to most study abroad consultants in the country. Many
of them ironically are to blame In a way. In order to avail of a student visa, it
is a mandatory requirement that tuition fees and other expenses be shown as
proof in a bank account before the interview. Also a two way flight ticket in
some cases is also expected.  Foreign
Embassies have these stringent rules to ensure that the students:

1.Have sufficient funds corresponding to their university course before hand, and may
not earn while they learn.

2.The students may not use the student visa as a back door entry to live illegally in
that country.


So far most education consultants in the country have assured admission into UK
universities with ease, they also promise 2 years work permits and other
benefits. Many of these “consultants” are only a guise for illegal immigration,
which is rampant in the northern states more.  



The study abroad consultant ties up with branch managers of cooperative banks to
help their clients to setup up temporary digital account with the required sum
of money prescribed by the university course fees.During the Student Visa
interview, the bank statements are furnished reflecting the money in the
account equal to the tuition fees and other expenses. After the Visa interview
is done with, the amount in the account is taken out ,thus only making a show
for the visa process.


The British High Commission has been keeping tabs on this since some time now, and
have finally pulled the plug on about 1900 banks in the country. Only 85 have
been given enough credibility to show accounts for student visa. Experts believe
that this is good In the long run as genuine students who really go there for
studies wont be affected.

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