Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indians

Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indians – In order of preference for Indian students to study abroad destinations ,I have selected the following countries based on factors like ease of education system,expenses,social connections with other people or how  easily an Indian might fit into a new society and feel at home.Which I might add is a very important point of discussion,often overlooked by everyone,as it is of great importance that the student feel secure and homely wherever he/she is.It affects the whole experience of studying abroad,and upto a certain extent also affects the academic performance of the student.Agencies can help take care of visa procedures and dormitory accomodation.

The downside of UK education is the cost of currency conversion,as the GBP is extremely expensive for INR,almost 80 rupees to the pound,so that sky rockets cost fo living as  well,on the upside there are many Indians who are there,so its easy to make frnds nad you will feel comfortable easily

canada-the reason I choose this as the first destination for study abroad is for many reasons,it is the most “underated”as copared to USA and UK,and I know for a fact that it is as good,,if not better,in every way.

There are many number of colleges/universities  for undergraduate and pg courses,each with great infrastructure,facilities and a healthy mix of students from all over the globe.Also an important thing to keep in mind is the rpice factor,even though the candain dolor is on par with the us and aus currentcies,the general cost of studying here is significantly lower than USA or UK,and on the same level as aus or new Zealand.but the recent spate of racial attacks on students in AUSTRALIA  and NZ makes those two countries figure right down on my list,even though NZ is very cheap to study in,its not worth the trouble.Other lesser  known academic destinations to study abroad I can recommend are finland ,russia and germany,you will be surpsied to learn that a lot of teaching is done in englsih,even though for germany some basic german is needed to get around,but a short 1 month course can cover that.

Top 5 study abroad destinations for Indians









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  1. Anuj Mathur July 6, 2015 at 8:24 am #

    Nice article,but how would you rate these countries based on the job opportunities they provide to international students post the degree is completed.I mean to say no doubt the points you have mentioned above are extremely important but most of the students going there to study are equally interested in working there as well and moreover its not only about interest it also about the fear of repaying the education loan which is extremely huge.

    I’m really interested to know about Canada …how good it is in providing job opportunities to international students when we compare it with US.

    By the way I’m talking in reference to jobs in IT field or Engineering Management jobs.


    • jojo22 July 6, 2015 at 10:23 am #

      i know many ppl who are in canada. according to me,,it should be your first destination because quality of life as well as job opportunities are very high. Even while you are in college/univ, you have opportunities to work on campus with minimum wage. as far as your laon is concerned,,beleive me,,you can easily clear it off within 3-4 years without much stress

  2. steptore July 14, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    You made a good poitn about finland,not many people know that its a new study destination.

  3. paul May 28, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    sir you left out france as is a good place for study

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