DORMITORY DISASTER- HOW TO AVOID IT – When you’re fresh out of school and just got your ticket to college, its quite an exciting feeling. You even made your choice about where you’re going to be put up. Dorm rooms are a place where all the action happens, or so you’ve heard, and you want to be part of that, I mean who would want to miss out on that, by staying off campus right. So before you embark on your trip to never land and enter a brave new world, learn about how you can avoid your first dormitory disaster.

1.Keep the electronics to a minimum. The best thing to do would be to have only your laptop that doubles or triples up as your ipod,tv,gamer,ps3er,etc.-an all round entertainment hub, instead of having a stand alone tv, music system with speakers,PS3 and other gadgets you have at home. No, we aren’t afraid that there might be theft, flooding or an arsonist lurking in the hallway, but it makes that tiny room more easier to navigate through, and makes your life a helluva lot “untangled”.

2.Your biggest “hurdle” if you want to call it that, will be getting through to your live in companion. A stranger, your roommate. He/she could be weird, could be nerd, could be nice. Depends on how lucky you feel the day the dean or master picks up random placements for the dormitory setting. This is seen as the single most important factor that can make your one year stay here memorable or miserable. The person who shares your living space has to be on a certain wavelength as you are, and its needless to say that getting along is something that would be beneficial to both of you. Trivial things like keeping the lights on too late, keeping the music down and keeping the loo clean should be discussed before between the two of you, and in the bargain, no one should feel offended. Demarcate and delegate chores, odd jobs and spaces between the two of you and things will go smoothly.It mostly happens that you might like your roommate and might even become great friends even if you don’t, pretend to be.

3.There is nothing better than having a home away from home. You might have to travel a thousand miles to your new college. The early days might be cold and lonely, its best to bridge the distance by personalizing you little living space. A few photos, few pieces of home that will make it seem like your own bedroom back at home will most certainly give a warmer feeling to the dull table, chair and bunked setting. Although most dorm rooms wont allow major alterations, you can do your bit. One of my past roommates (who is a good pal now) positioned his tower computer exactly near the window, shifted the bed exactly at the side of it and put up these two huge posters of CREED that adorned most part of the wall.It turns out,this was an exact replica of his bedroom back in salt lake city.By doing this he felt right at home,and never felt homesick after that.Just goes to show that adding that personal touch goes a long way.

4.So after you’ve settled in and have (hopefully) become good friends with your rommie.Its time to set some golden rules.The best one of this is the GF/BF rule.Its all about timing.You should have a certain understanding between your rommie and you about timing when you can get your girl/guy over,and your rommie just CANNOT be there.It might sound easy and obvious,because you know all too well when your roommate is out at class,but it ever so happens that sometimes that he/she might just walk in and catch you with your pants down,and after that,lets say “embarrassing” would be the least of your emotions that you feel whenever you look at your roomie.

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  1. shweta shetty June 8, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    Great Tips !!! Especially the one about recreating a home away from home to beat homesickness:)

    • jojo22 June 8, 2011 at 9:43 am #

      that was my friend rick chow who did that,was a good idea,he felt right at home

      • window cleaner Greenwich July 7, 2011 at 2:34 am #

        You made some first rate points there. I seemed on the internet for the problem and located most individuals will go together with together with your website.

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