Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Student visa for Canada from India requirements and Study Permit -Cost and documents , eligibility of the study visa.After you secure admission from your foreign university,comes the most important part of your study abroad process getting your student visa. Without which this whole charade would only be meaningless.This is a temporary student Visa that is issued by the Canadian High Commission.This Visa is available at any VFS centers all over the country. VFS is a company that is the appointed Visa Application center and has the sole rights to issue this in the Country.In order to apply for it you need to go through all the steps and get the documents.Its the most important step so ensure that you have the following documents in order before you apply for the visa.After you get this Student Visa,you will be granted a Study Permit to Study in Canada.

Easy Steps to get your Student Permit

1.Go online and take admission into a Canadian College/University and pay tuition / admission fees as required.

2.Collect documents related to the visa as shown below.

3.Submit all documents to VFS and apply for the Visa

4. Show visa and Letter of introduction when arrival at Canada and collect Study Permit.This Letter of Introduction is given by the High commission of Canada. This picture of Letter of Introduction is shown below.

Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Where to Apply for a Canada visa 

1. High Commission of Canada, New Delhi

7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021, India

2. Consulate General of Canada

SCO# 54-56, Sector 17 A
Chandigarh 160 017, India

3. Consulate General of Canada

Indiabulls Finance Centre
21st Floor, Tower 2
Senapati Bapat Marg
Elphinstone Road (West)
Mumbai 400013

VFS Application centers

1. New Delhi

VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Mezzanine Level,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi-110001


2. Mumbai

Canada Visa Application Centre
VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Trade Centre 5th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),

Mumbai – 400051, India

Student visa for Canada from India requirements – Cost of Canada visa

The TRV or Temporary Resident Visa Fee as of February 2018 will cost you $200 or INR 9900.You can pay this online here  Else you can pay by demand draft at the Canadian High Commission , or thirdly you can pay it at VFS itself.If you are paying online then make sure to take a printout of the receipt and submit it with your documents.

Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Student visa for Canada from India requirements – Canada Visa Application Process

1.Apply online at VFS website as they are the only VAC in India. There you need to fill up the VFS consent form to start things up or get the application form here.

2.Goto the Visa Application center of VFS branch near you and submit all the documents as shown above.Pay the agency fees and any other small charges they will ask for.Sometimes you need to pay a small unofficial charge to the agent handling your papers to get all your documents passed without hassle and quickly.

3.The VFS agent will then do your bio metric scans and take fingerprint scans.He/She will arrange your documents and submit for processing.

4.You can track your Student Visa Progress online at the VFS website using the UTC they provide you.

 Student visa for Canada from India requirements

Student visa for Canada Documents 

1.Letter of acceptance – This is the most important document from a university or college where you plan on studying.Only a certain Colleges and Universities known as DLI – Designated Listed Institution are you allowed to apply from.These are verified and recognized the the Canadian Government Immigration department. If your College or University is part of this DLI then you are eligible and they will send you this letter right in the beginning  stating you can take admission into their institute.It is similar to an admission certificate.

2.University Application – Copy of application form that you sent to the university where you will get admitted.This application form should have all the details on it like when you applied and for what particular course you intended to admitted.

3.SOPStatement of Purpose – This is long note or essay that you must write identifying the possible reasons you want to study abroad and choose a foreign destination for your further studies.

3.IELTS or  TOEFL test scores -This is an English proficiency test that tests your speaking,reading and comprehensible abilities in the English language.You need a minimum score in all sections of the Test to pass.This is extremely important and you can give the test multiple times till you get the minimum score. This passing test score needs to be furnished for the Visa.

4.Passport – Valid Indian passport for at least minimum the next 5 years.This is becuase if you plan on working there for another 2 years you will need this passport to be valid.

5.TRV Receipt -Temporary Resident Visa Fees paid online- Visa charges paid to the agency or to consulate accordingly.If online paid then attach the printout.

6.Medical Certificate – Also called as the IME – or Immigration Medical Exam.This is conducted by a doctor / clinic that is chosen by the CIC .He will issue a certificate and  only a medical practitioner / doctor authorized by that consulate,needless to say a clean bill of health is required.This certificate is also attached to your online copy of your application submission.

7.Financial documents and loans– Documents showing your financial details that include your ability to pay the entire tuition amount, air tickets both ways,cost of living,your bank details and bank statements including net worth of you and your family members including yours an theirs annual income.Remember it is very advisable to take an education loan,because this is guaranteed money from a lender and visa authorities see this as a genuine source of funds.

8 .College Transcripts – This is a full detailed document of all your subjects, marks, attendance and other details of your previously graduating school or college.

9.Letter of Recommendation – This letter from your Teachers recommending you or from another Professor for your higher education studies.It is a verified document that holds a lot of weight.

9.Passport size photographs – As many required by the prescribed VAC. Bu nowadays at the time of bio metric scanning,even photos are taken there itself.

10.Health Insurance(Not required by all embassies /consulates),precheck.

Below is shown a letter from the visa issuing department of the Canadian high commission announcing the grant of a student visa.

Student visa for Canada from India requirements


1.All consulates/embassies do not have a mandatory interview.

2.You will most likely be given 30 -60 days of time after the end of your course, after which your  student visa will expire

3.Visa for work permits will be issued separate, can be applied for at a later stage.Some educational consultants offer the university course followed by a supplementary work permit together.

4.On campus jobs can be applied for without the consent of a work permit, provided it is only for a maximum of 20 hours a week.This is during the duration of the college course.












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      some will recognise it, but that does not matter much,most likely you will have to redo the degree/diploma according to canada syllabus/regulations

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