College Transcript Request – How its done right


College Transcript Request-How its done right – Along with a recommendation letter for higher studies or a reference letter by a teacher you need two documents. A statement of purpose and a college transcript. Before you submit your application for admission to a university or college,along with it you have to attach your college transcripts which may also include mark sheets/grade reports.

College Transcript



College Transcript Request TIPS

1.The easiest way to get your college transcript request done is to go to the university registrar office,and the registrar will mail the transcript directly to other university or you could also request to mail it to yourself.

2.Some colleges offer a Transcript request form that can be filled out online, or at the registrar’s office.This form consists of personal information,like Name, DOB and Residential address, also there will a sectional choice for 5 to 6 destination addresses where you want the sender to receive the transcript,in case you want to mail it to different colleges where you have sent your admission applications.

3.The processing time is in the range of 2-5 days, in which the registrars office will record yearly grades, attendance, progress reports, and transcript information and if any ,major or minors were opted for.

4.Fee for each transcript cost between $3 to $7,and usually have the first 2 free transcripts, and after that charge the fee for each additional copy .A fee for postage will be charged if sent by courier and is free if its by the university post.

5.Most colleges prefer Online pdf format, and secondly by mail. Some colleges might give the option of a faxed copy,but most do not and neither by phone.

6.The request has to be submitted to registrars office in person with photo id and/or signature, or if someone else,is going to submit it,the applicant will have to give letter of authority on their behalf.

7.In order to receive the transcript in the stipulated time frame ,make sure that all outstanding dues like library/misc fees are taken care of.

8.The office of the registrar give the choice of regular priority or rush priority.The rush priority sends the transcript in 3-4 days for few dollars more per transcript, and thirdly there is also a courier option that uses the services of fedex that delivers the transcript the next working day.

8.Official and unofficial transcripts are issued depending on the need of the student. Official transcripts are Sealed and Signed in the front and back flap (sealed envelope) or unofficial issued in most cases without a charge.

9.The official transcript is sealed and secured and in no way is it to be released to a third party, other than the receivers office.Picture of the sealed envelope is shown below:

College Transcript