Statement of purpose format for undergraduate


Statement of purpose format for undergraduate – Your statement of purpose for enrolling into a particular course or college will be one of the most crucial pieces of literature you will have to write in your academic adventure.The college/university admissions board look at it as your reason to be there(or not to be there) and contrary to what others may say,it does hold a lot of weight age.

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Comically touched upon in the 1998 movie “legally blonde” where Reese Wither spoon’s character mentions in her statement of purpose that she was in a Ricky Martin video, which of course is a preposterous thing to mention,but here is a list of things that should be included and some that should be avoided whole writing your statement of purpose :

Statement of purpose format for undergraduate Tips

1.Keep the list precise and real, it should be completed within 3 pages

2.Section the entire content page into paragraphs starting with the introduction-a brief sketch about your educational background, aspirations and goals,extra curricular activities, followed by the reasons why you would like to be a part of the said university, and down on the list at the ending a note of thanks.

3.Your reasons why you chose this college/program over others should stand out impressively,and shouldn’t come across as “scripted”. The Selection board looks for authenticity, and that should reflect best in this paragraph of reason.

4.Your entire pre-plan in pursuing this degree, should be well outlined as a thoughtful collaboration of your sincerity and determination in securing admission to that college ,and shouldn’t come across as a random statement of purpose that is mailed to a few dozen more institutes.

5.For those pursuing a doctorate, it would be wise to identify faculty members that like you would like to work with, assist and continue research studies with ,and show sufficient knowledge and research interests.
6.An important paragraph also in the mid section of the statement of purpose would be to briefly discuss your past course work that you had done for your previous graduate program, followed by your future plans if you do get selected.

7.If say in your last course that you attended, your academic report wasn’t so great, mention that in a few lines and then follow it with some achievement that is noteworthy.

Following these simple steps should ensure you a fullproof statement of purpose, that would get you some brownie points in the admission process.