Is Australia a good study abroad destination

Is Australia a good study abroad destination – Lets clear some doubts here. Lets get real. Most other education agency websites have proclaimed that Australia is a safe house again, and the incidents that happened a year ago were blown out of proportion, and were isolated incidents. Since our blog is non profit, we seek no commercial gain by skewing facts.


Australia a good study abroad destination for Indians

All students that hope in the future to study in a demographically Caucasian destination, remember its not paradise. It takes sometime to adjust to new cultures, customs and general way of life.
At first it will be hard to even understand accents of the local people.This may sound extreme but I urge all my fellow students-if you haven’t been brought up in a westernized household, with westernized ideas, music, and culture, please rethink your overseas study program. There are MANY equally good institutions here that you could admit yourself to, at a quarter the price.

Of all the cities in India, Mumbai is one of the few that only stand out in this respect. We have been constantly exposed to western influence in different ways from the beginning.

Generalizing -people from Mumbai have a greater and easier chance to fit into western society than people from anywhere else in the country.(without sounding too biased).But this isn’t the reality of it, Studies show us that the bulk of students going to Australia are from the north of India, which is when things get clearer for us.

We spoke to many Indians living in Australia, Melbourne in particular, which is where some of the incidents took place,and this is what they had to say .
One Melbourne resident, Peter, of Indian origin and a close family friend of ours has been in Melbourne for 35 years wasn’t a bit surprised, and was quick to retort when asked about the race riot happening in his backyard. He began to explain. He spoke of a night he was walking in front of a pub in Melbourne. There were these three Indian guys, who were drunk and were talking loudly, eve teasing and very badly behaved. Sure it was outside a pub, which might have been some sort of consolation, but it was no excuse for despicable demeanor. Peter said that was probably one of the reasons Indians were getting bashed up down under.


The impact a televised reception can have on a particular event can be hypnotical. Even though the Australian Police said that only a few of the cases that were registered were racially motivated, and the rest were random incidents, The following reports by news networks went beserk with every petty cognizable crime involving an Indian was termed “racial”. Because of this the student visa application rate dropped to almost half. Some say it was a counter measure by Australian education ministry to clamp down on B level-universities that offered low cost courses in hairdressing, horticulture and the likes, that proved to be a back door entry for Indians to attain citizenship via PR. Whatever the reason, all we can say is that Australia lost a big chunk of its revenue from its overseas students

Australia a good study abroad destination – CONCLUSION

Always considered a second choice destination after USA and UK.The only reason why some students opt to go there is the course prices and overall cost benefits. Its the closest or second best thing to USA and UK and its much cheaper .Alternatively New Zealand can also be a viable contender, even though some of the malice spread there too that same year.
Lets get some things straight, Racism in some potential, will exist in all white dominated countries, there is no denying that. Whether you will be subjected to it is a matter of perspective. It s not “more” in Australia, or less somewhere else, you may come across it in a tiny way, or probably not even get a taste of it if youre lucky,and ALOT depends on your ATTITUDE. Here are a few things to guide you through.

a)Choose a Caucasian destination ONLY if you’ve experienced a westernized upbringing
b)Your english should be flawless and impeccable
c)Have a confident and positive attitude, walk tall, but at the same time don’t be cocky and arrogant.
d)Be equally warm and friendly, and don’t go out trying to impress anyone
e)don’t be too clannish and hang out only with other indians, ,mix a bit, join clubs, events and debates

 By reading the above passages,we hope you an make your decision and decide for yourself is  australia safe to study .


Check out our section on AUSTRALIA INSTITUES and make your choice.

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6 Responses to Is Australia a good study abroad destination

  1. hari August 20, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Hi, I m an Indian. When I thought of doing MS in overseas countries, I was lil hesitated to apply for Aus. Bcoz I have heard from my friends circle that Aus is not that safe like US/UK. Better check with ur close pals b4 talking decisions.

  2. alex .p June 26, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    us aussies are a peaceful lot,we welcome students of all colors and creed,it was disheartining reading this article

    • jojo22 June 27, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

      couldnt agree more alex,i know a few aussies myself personally,thyre very polite and courteous,but these were isolated incidents that happened over a short period of time

  3. bosal exhaust May 30, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Hey. I enjoyed “AUSTRALIA-SAFE TO STUDY? – “. It was fine. View my blog sometime.

  4. craig j May 28, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    i am a white australian and maybe i dont suppot all of your views,but i can safely say that i have seen this sort of discrimination in sydney

    • jojo22 June 27, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

      it doesnt happen everywhere and all the time,there were few instances reported

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