MBBS Colleges in Russia – Fees, Expenses, Scope


MBBS Colleges in Russia – Fees, Expenses, Scope – Here in India the medical CET is extremely tough, I know that for a fact, because I have given it and got a pathetic rank so bad, the only thing I was eligible for was dentistry in a distant small town 500 kms away.The best thing about MBBS in RUSSIA is that there is not common entrance test or admission exam that you need to take to enroll and you can get selected very easily at half the price of tuition fees of US or UK.

The competition here is tremendous because every parent wants their child who has done science in 12th to be a doctor, even more than an engineer.

I received an sms yesterday from an agent who promised a low fees mbbs course in Russia from  a reputed institution. I gave the agent a  call back asking for details and I learnt a lot from him.

The first question I asked was were these russia mbbs colleges recognized by mci

If any of you are interested in doing an MBBS in Russia, Ukraine or China do go through these FAQs.




MBBS colleges in Russia – Fees, Expenses, tips

FEE STRUCTURE  approximate values

Tuition 1st YEAR FEES $ 5000
Tuition 2nd YEAR FEES $ 2500 per year onward
Hostel fees $ 500 per year

Note : Some colleges charge the first year higher and the second to 6th year fees almost half.Otherwise most colleges charge the same fees for all 6 years.

Tuition fees include exam fees,Library,Lab fees,books etc

Hostel fees include electricity,basic furniture and cooking arrangements.

What are the Fees  and Duration for doing an MBBS in Russia?

Fees differ from city to city but are in the average range of 20 to 26 lacs. Average course duration is 5.5 to 6 years, we are taking 6 years for calculation.

MBBS colleges in Russia – Charges


A Grade college 4 lacs per year * 6 years = 24 lacs  (In larger cities like Moscow)

B Grade colelge2.50 lacs per year*6 yeas= 15lacs (In tier 2 cities)


Hostel =30,000 per year*6 years= 1,80,000


Living expenses=50,000 per year*6= 3 lacs


To take admission into MBBS college in Russia you need:

1.To be at least 18 years of age before commencement of course.

2.Need at least 50 % marks in PCB subjects at 12th boards ( Physics,Chemistry,Maths)

3.Need pass marks in Physics,Chemistry,Biology and English seperately

4.Need compulsory these 4 subjects in both 11th and 12 standard (PCB,English).


1.Passing certificate for 10th and 12th standard.

2.Certified Mark sheets of 10th and 12th

3.Admission form for required University

4.Color Photographs

5.Passport with minimum validity for next 7 years

What is the SCOPE of Doing MBBS in Russia?

In one word. IMMENSE. Just like any other MBBS degree done here locally, it has the same value as you eventually have to be registered with the MCI (medical council of India) in order to practice medicine in the country here. Once you pass the screening test conducted by MCI you are on the same plane as any other MBBS around. It is like a “leveling” exam.

A few differences is that is is much more expensive than if you did it right here in India and you will be far away from friends and family, which I feel is also a very good thing, as it will avoid any distractions. MBBS is all about “mugging” or “by heart” ,just the opposite of Engineering, so all you will end up doing is learning by heart huge textbooks from morning to night.


What is this screening test all about and do I need to give it?

Before leaving for your country of mbbs study, you will have to procure a certificate of eligibility from the MCI I order to start your MBBS studies For this you need 50% marks in PCB in your 10 +2 year for general category and 40% for OBC and SC/ST.

When you return to India after completing your MBBS course and wish to practice medicine here, you will have to pass a screening test conducted by MCI.

It is Mandatory for any medical student who has done a medical certificate course abroad and wants to practice here to take this test and clear it.

The exam is held twice a year and can be attempted at a maximum of 3 times by any candidate

The papers include : Pre Clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical Medicine and its allied subjects Obstetrics and Gynecology

Each paper is 3 hours duration and passing marks are 50% In each paper.

According to students who have taken the test earlier, it is not a  tough paper to crack fairly standard. Everyone who has cleared and the questions are MBBS with even average marks can clear the screening easily.

So now you know that it does not make a difference if the russia mbbs colleges recognized by mci or not because as long as you have an adequate medical degree equivalent to MBBS and can clear the screening its good enough.



Should I approach an Agent or consultant? are they trust worthy?

When you  go on a hunt for russia mbbs colleges recognized by mci there are plenty of agents or consultants that can help you with documentation especially Visa and passport. It would make sense to let the consultant handle all that and would also be a complete source for information regarding the institutes that offer MB there.

Through this agent you probably would get some choice between a few MBBS colleges and on the whole it would make you feel much more comfortable. Most of these consultants would not even charge high fees because they are adequately commissioned by the respective Russian colleges itself. Note that study abroad consultants for USA,UK etc differ from Russia MBA consultants because many of the Russia mba
consultants deal ONLY with Russia and maybe Ukraine at the most, but no other countries.

If the consultant/agent has many offices in the city or in various cities in the country, it is safe to assume that you wont be scammed, so keep that in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the college the agent is representing is WHO and UNESCO approved and the age of the institution- the older the better of course.


1.Help with visas and air tickets and documentation

2.Provide help with MCI eligibility – if any

3.Assistance with medical tests,passports,accommodation etc



 Most agencies and education consultants charge about 75,000-1 lac for these services.





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