STUDENT VISA FOR ITALY – Studying abroad is a dream and to fulfill the same we all go through many ladders , up and down . one of the aspects of our dream is getting the visa and going through the confusing lengthy process.The reason i can give you these important points is because i had worked for the Italian visa process.

Today i’m going to throw some light on the Italian Visa Process and documentation . Those planning to study in Italy can read about the  documents required and what one can do to make it a smoother process .

Student Visa is of dual type

a.) Study long term

b.) Study short term


Study long term :-  Study long term visa in Italy meant by visa for more then 90 days. Even if your course is of 91 days.


Documents for Student visa for course /exchange program of maximum 90 days.

Process period for short stay student visa is 90 days. Visa consulate do consider Travel date , Patience is the only key when it comes to italian Visa.  

Application form should be of short term Italy visa. Fully and correctly filled with signatures on column no . 37 and last column and submission date and place on column no. 36 and 2nd last column .

(In case of student age below 18 , then signatures of both parents and not the student signatures)

Covering letter of student with his/her travel dates, admission details, financial covering details or sponsorship details . In case of student loan or scholarship then those details.  

Sponsorship letter and sponsor national Identity proof by sponsor is a must.

Validity of Passport need to be 6 months for short term and 15 months for long term.

In case studying in abroad or out of jurisdiction from past 6 months then must write mail to Italian Embassy for permission to apply in their jurisdiction.

Covering letter from current Institute .

Bank statement should be minimum 500 euro per month reflecting on your finance documents.

Declaration of Value is require mostly for long term study visa (however embassy can demand even for short term visa )

Always good to apostille all education documents .

One way ticket for long term study visa and return ticket for short term is must .

Always carry 4×3.5 cm photograph with white background . visibility of ears and non visibility of teeths.

In case studying outside home jurisdiction then apply only at visa center in your institute jurisdiction .

Visa fees for Short Term is 0 . Although process could be hectic, long and annoying sometime .

Prepare all documents in advance to avoid such delays .

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