How to get a Student Visa

How to get a Student Visa – Is getting a student visa easy ? Is this the first step to have an education abroad or  does it require loads of paperwork and running around?You will need an education loan, statement of purpose,transcripts from college,letters of recommendation ,and other documents.

The visa criterion needless to say is among the most important things to procure well in advance before departure.There are 3 MAJOR conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to receive the visa without any problem.Student visas can cost anywhere from 5000 rupees to 25000 rupees plus an agency fee of maybe another 5000 rupees,but this is helpful as most of the visa issuing authorities are in Delhi,so the agent does the work of sending the papers there and clearing things.

1.passport-of course this goes without saying,and it should be in possession much ahead of time

2.financial details-the consulate of the respective country would like to be thoroughly intimated with regards to you or  your parents financial condition.They would require to show details of all fixed and movable assets,bank accounts,fixed depostits,trading accounts,property documents.

The idea is to give them a good picture about the background of your family,because the last thing they want is for someone with a poor financial status to eat into the resources of their country,and also,they feel it is more likely that such type of indivisual will not return to india and might tryto illegally take domicile there.

On the other side,your chances are greatly improved if you already have family there,as it confirms a better character report of yourself, especially if your relatives have been there since many years,the visa issusing authorities have more confidence with applicants In this respect.

TOEFL/IELTS-One of the mandatory tests that you will have to take,which tests your ability of spoken,written and comprehend-able English language,getting a good score here is very important,as  this will greatly influence the status of your visa.the test itself is not very difficult for a person with average conversational English,most of us who have been to an English medium school should get an average score,but a lot of practice will have to be done,and there are sound clips,and demo mock tests on the internet to help you out.A good two weeks study should see you through.


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