Abini Khan is one of the most powerful,richest and skillful man of talents experienced in the year 2222.He has a marked sense of humor. He is the head of the base in Los Angeles no 2222.He is married to Bulbul Khan,another name that stands out in world history and has 2 daughters which he loves more than his 3 sons.His daughters are Zarana,the eldest,Zarina and his sons Zandar,Zalim and Glo Doodlebug.


Snowjob Cyprus is a very jolly person to meet and is very fond of eating.He too is very rich,but the world sees him as a “cruel miser”.Just the phrase that would fit abini khan.He is married to the very blonde Miss Butter Cyprus which is Bulbuls sister.Snowjobs brother being Abini has turned himself a Muslim but the catholic string always varies.He has got 2 sons – Short fuse and Snugbug.His two daughters are Glo bookbug and Glo Spider.He has a daughter that eh adopted.Nevertheless the loved Twinkle trot known as “Tondy” the most.

Seageant Smasher

A strong man with rich personality,good voice and a physical body throws hi weight around for the cuase of good.Seven footer Sgt.Smasher for his punishments.All the joes tremble when hes near.He is married to Abini and Nonies sister Baroness and has three sons with alot of talent.Iceberg the eldest,Crazylegs the middle one and the youngest one Baboo.He also plays the mysterious roll of “Undertaker” in WWF.


The sturdy Assistant District Attorney Flint Martial is the brother of Hawk and Chuckles.They all share alike features and Flint can be actually noticed as Jake Martial in “Santa Barbara”.He is always a “beane” and takes over D.A when Torpedo is not around.He has a strong enemy Short Fuse and Good relations with Zandar and the Monk Gang.His girlfriend is Lady Jae.


Hawk is one of the martial brothers and can be actually seen as Jon Sedaca the famous pop singer.He was about to get married to Abini’s wife Bulbul Khan as the two were greatly in love in College.He has lovely hair as he was very handsome but due to fire his hair got burned.


Snake Eyes normally noted as one of the finest and decent men in the jew kingdom.He really is a snake and can become the “human snake eyes” whenever pleased.He can be noticed as “Bobby Brown” and is married to the noted pop singer “Whitney Houston”.He is known as “Nakee”.


Torpedo is a man with sternness and politeness is often known as a “gem of a man” due to his high respects and rich personality is the District Attorney of the America dist Los Angeles.


Zap is Short Fuses best friend and is a strong worshiper of the sparrow.He has no relatives i the joe community.Zap is very intelligent person.He remains quiet most of the time thats why not much is known of him.We only know that Lady Jae and short fuse met him at a training centre of Bazooka and he is a brain at Bazooka holding.

Major Bludd

Major bludd is the foolish man from Mongolia and has 2 sons which are BATS and Beach head.He is married  to Baroness and has a wonderful left hand made out of metal which he uses for defense.The first successful joe operation was performed on his leg.


Mainframe is a man of machine and computers and can do almost everything you tell him regarding these two.He deals in computer logy and is one of Abinis favorites.Electrics and other techniques are also his skills and often called to computerize songs at the music station.


“Micheal” is short fuses real name and is a sworn enemy of his cousin Zandar.He is a handsome young man of twenty two and has one brother and three sisters.He is a “cool dood” and has a mighty gang that proclaims war over the Monk Gang.His father “Nonie” and mother”Butter” is least but bothered if their son is dead or alive but he is his uncle Abinis Pet.


Barbecue is always known as “Baboo” is a member of Short Fuse’s ruthless gang and specializes inJudo.Very skillful at acrobatics and martial arts.Baboo is the youngest son of Sgt.Smasher adn has two healthy brothers Iceberg and Crazy legs and is a fire fighter for the GIJOE.


Zandar Khan is one of the young handsome joes.Hes the same age but few months younger than his rival cousin Short Fuse.Son of Abini Khan,he has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is most loved by his mother Bulbul.He can be noticed as Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves in “Speed”.He has the best body in the GIJOE community.

Kwick Kick

Kwich Kick specializes in Karate and MArtial Arts.Since a long time he has the problem of Silver Stains on his body and exploding problems.He is the son of Gung ho,Abini and Nonies brother and has 1 brother Tim and 1 sister Lady Jae.Abini calls him “Quack Quack”.


Bats the two faced GIJOE.Surely in the world 2222 science has advanced and people can be made into robots.Bats,the innocent son of Major Bludd and Baroness,and older brother of Beach head was forcefully converted in the robot life and shares the life of a terminator.He can actually be seen as the predator.


RIPPER mckoy is the mechanic of the GIJOE kingdom and his younger brother clutch,both are professional mechanics and repair cars and other implements.He is part of the monk gang and specializes in drilling.


Chuckles MArtial is the youngest brother of Hawk and Flint and is a “happy go lucky” joe sharing sharing a life of merry doings and fun.He can be seen playing the role of “Doink” in WWF.Chuckles is called as “chucky” and makes everyone laugh and sing.He also has a mischievous trick up his sleeve.A Scientist makes chucky a cat when he clicks his fingers.This plan only Nakee,Bats and chucky share.


Stalker Waterz is the son of Tondy and Torpedo.He is a Hawaldar and works with his father,the head comissioner of the police.Stalker is a very good athlete and wins alot of medals in Joe athletics.He has only one brother Airtight.


Buzzer Agassi specializes in wood sawing with his mightl machine.He is married to Abini’s daughter Zarina.His head was found chopped of in the Lagos jungle mysteriously and now is missing.He came from Australia and is good friends with Ripper and Zandar who were on tour in Australia and got him back with them.

Shipwreck Robinson

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