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How to import from Taiwan

Everyone has heard of Chinese imports and “Shenzhen goods” that have flooded every market in all the metro cities of the world.The reason i am writing this guide on how to import from Taiwan and not China, is because i have dealt first hand with sourcers from Taiwan and have seen more than a fair share of […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Vs Galaxy S Duos

About three weeks ago, I got a mailer about an old variant of the Galaxy range of smartphones, one which has already been released 2 years ago, the Galaxy S. Only this was called the Galaxy S Duos, of course the Dual Sim version. What struck me strange about it was the similarity to the […]

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Difference between Federal and Private Student Loans

Difference between Federal and Private Student Loans – Interest, sanction and repayment being the factors. INTEREST Federal Student loans have a fixed rate of interest for all loans sanctioned after july 2006.This means that during the course of the repayment tenure,it stays the same.Of the Federal loans available,Stafford loans have an interest rate of 8.35% whereas […]

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Customs clearance process in usa is farly simple as there is no official  license required to import from overseas DOCUMENTS 1.airway bill/bill of lading/sea way bill These bills of lading must contain information origin and destination airport or dock, incoterms of shipping like FOB,EXW CIF.etc Weight and general mention of type of cargo, complete address […]

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Credit Card Collection inside story

Having worked at credit card collections for one of the biggest card issuers in Texas, ive seen it all  and heard it all,mostly irate customers of course.Some admit to defaulting on payment, some yell and threaten to file a legal suit against the card provider, and a few sheepishly bow down and make an online […]

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16 ways to financial freedom

Caution: Reading this post will cause possible “Financial Liberation” Financial freedom 1.Get rid of your private medical insurance, whoever wanted those pesky premiums anyway,instead,sign up for an HDHP. 2. Opt for  stable health savings account, which has great unseen benefits. 3.Use your credit card wisely , it can be an extremely useful tool but can also destroy your […]

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7 tips to increase your money IQ

  1.Dilbert Increase your money IQ. One of the most intellectually stimulating animated comic strips by Scott Adams, that runs the viewer through the life of a sales engineer,his boss, and the smartest talking dog that ever lived. 2.Read 22 laws of marketing This book is so captivating and engrossing, even for the lay reader.It […]

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How to become a millionaire – Chronological Masterchecklist

How to become a millionaire – Chronological Masterchecklist 1.Dream 2.Know what your’e good at 3.Chose a niche 4.Check if the niche is nascent or competititve 5.Educate and inform yourself 6.Visually innovate the idea 7.List probabilities of failure 8.Singlehanded startup possible? 9.If not start with your best mate 10.Pool ideas with other people in the business […]

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Household bank credit card application process

Household bank credit card application process A simple process that lets you fill in your personal details which is 128 but SSL protected,and in 30 seconds the automated application handle with generate a card that is suited to you based on your creditworthiness.     Electronic Disclosure agreement   CHOOSE YOUR CARDS Household Bank MasterCards […]

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