Now known as Trinity Guildhall, Trinity college examinations
have been the best test of musical ability in the country for over 30 years. Trinity college of music mumbai has one of the highest number of exam applicants in India,with close to 500 candidates signing up this year.
TCLoffers examinations in practical and theory of music as well as drama and
voice.If youre a parent reading this, and hope to enroll your child,this is a
good palce to start. A good age to start a musical education would be 5 and up.
The island city has music teachers that can train students for the Trinity
Music course. Popular instruments that you can begin with are the Guitar, Violin
or the piano, even though Trinity Guildhall offers examinations for more than
20 instruments,but out of these the piano and keyboard always has the most


WHAT IS IT ? quick facts

Music Examinations are held twice  year at four different venues. Four venues
are chosen 1.In south Mumbai2.Western Suburbs3.Navi Mumbai4.Thane

Practical Examination grades start from initial to eight,
and then 3 diploma levels. On an average, you can expect to complete learning
each course in a years time. That means it will take you one year to get
through each grade exam. The advanced levels of 6,7 and 8 require more practice
time ,so its common for students to appear once every two years for those

Each Grade level consists of three pieces (22 marks
each),technical play (14 marks) and two supporting  tests worth 20 marks.

Twice a year,an Examiner from the UK comes down to the exam
centers, and you will have to play those 3 pieces along with the other tests in
font of the examiner in the prescribed time, which is anywhere between  10 minutes to half hour depending on your

Theory Examinations also take place at a select venue in
South Mumbai once a year,also range from initial grade level through 8 grades.



Trinity College of Music grade exams are a complete test
musicianship that takes about a year to prepare for as stated before. There is alot
of choice as far as the pieces go, and teachers can select them based on the
student in mind. In addition to these 3 pieces, the supplementary tests like
aural ear tests and site reading require a lot of practice too, but anyone with
a decent ear and rhythm can clear the lower level grades provided they get few
hours in the week to practice. Like any education hard work is required in the
weeks preceding the exam.



Assuming you have already started basic music lessons from
an instructed teacher, a music education need not be too expensive, but it
depends on the instrument you are learning too.

Expenses encountered are:

1.Examination fees

Practical Grade exams cost anywhere between 2500 to 5800 per
grade depending on the grade, and theory exams start from 1800 to 3500.

2.Music Classes

Music classes in the city will set you back about 2000-3000
a month for 4 classes that are usually 45 minutes each

3.Books,CDs etc

Examination books, CDs and other expenses cost about 2000-4500

So youre total expense for a year of clearing one level
grade examination would be in the range of 45,000-55,00 p.a



  1. Jed Buzbee says:

    Between me and my husband we’ve had many years training at the trinity london,im glad its getting some notice in india too.

    • richard says:

      hieee ma’m i am richard from india can you plaese help me out in teaching and guiding to get in trinity scholarship i play guiter and do a little music composing in my computer my parents dont support me up to the level so plaese hope you will reply me thank you ma’m

      • jojo22 says:

        trinity college examiners come to india for the examination duration of 1 month,guitar exam books and score sheets are available at leading music stores in your city.there is no direct scholarship, you will have to pay for private guitar lessons and exam fees whcih is not expensive

    • suyash says:

      hello i m 16 year old…….. from bhopal i have gone in many competetions & this year i cleared 3 stages in indian idol junior …….can you plz tell what subject i should opt in 11 std. to get admission in this college.

  2. rachel says:

    have you ever given any trinity college exams?can you suggest a good teacher,and can anyone fail in these exams?

  3. SACHIN NIKAM says:


    • jojo22 says:

      in mumbai, furtados music shop at kalbadevi ,opp.metro cinema is the official exam conductor for trinity can fill the form and buy exam brochure there.

  4. Jeffin says:

    Is it only there in mumbai?

  5. Rahul says:

    Can you refer any instructor in around CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai?
    Also where in Navi Mumbai does this examination take place?

    • jojo22 says:

      generally,there are 3 centres for examination,one south mumbai,one western suburbs and 3rd either thane/harbour suburbs,exact venues and time are given few weeks before examination date

    • Rueben says:

      Hi rahul,

      I stay in vashi..just read abt ur comment..r u stil interested in learning?
      Btw u didnt mention the instrument of ur choice..cos i can teach u keyboard and piano style playing.



  6. Praveen G p says:

    Hi am Praveen From Blore, Pls Kindly Help me that i wsih to studin in mumbai So pls give information to me..,

    Thanking You..,

  7. Arnold says:

    This grade Examination is available in most of the states in India. If you are from Trivandrum, Kerala, I recommend learning from Melody School of Music.


  8. yogesh says:


    • jojo22 says:

      im assuming u mean inital grade piano——3 pieces (22*3=66marks) scales and exercises (14marks) sight-reading,ear tests,music knowledge,improvisation (20 marks)

  9. Poonam says:

    Any tutuor in Jogeshwari east for keyboard?

  10. gitashree says:

    i m a sangeet visharad in vocal indian classical and western classical music..i want to do teaching in trinity mumbai for vocal ..please let me know your contact number..

    • jojo22 says:

      if you think you are good enough to teach students of a particular level and send them for trinity college exams, you will have to do it privately. As far as i know,Trinity college does not “employ” teachers here.

    • Mathur says:

      hi! If you can teach Vocal music for a small group then pls. contact .

  11. saptarshi says:

    is there bass guitar classes available?

  12. saptarshi says:

    which is the best trinity colege centre in india for bassguitar?

  13. anand says:

    I have guitar with me but i don’t know how to play so can i join trinity music classes to learn guitar & i stay in mumbai..???

  14. Adison joseph says:

    m interstd to join the institute i play the keyborad but wanna learn more techniques..plz give me an contact number

    • jojo22 says:

      the institute is located in the UK,you can only appear for its exams and prepare for it under an instructor that is familiar with the trinity college course, you will find many all over the city

  15. Khushboo Khandelwal says:

    My daughter got a distinction, ie 94/100 for her initial keyboard. Is that good?im very new to this hence don’t know. Should I still pursue her with the keyboard or shift her to the piano?


    • jojo22 says:

      94 is excelllent in any instrumnet,,must be one of the highest in the state,if not the country. you can keep her on keyboard for sometime if u want, but ultimately the piano has better pieces to play and you develop better technicaly there.

  16. terrence says:

    is there any place in mumbai where one can learn harp?

  17. VIKAS BANKAR says:


  18. Krutika says:

    I reside in Mumbai. Looking for a good tutor who teaches jazz vocals. Please suggest some

  19. ami says:

    Hey….can u give me Ursula and Johnny correct number please….I am looking for a lady teacher to do singing lessons with my daughter and take trinity college grade exams thanks much

  20. Tapas says:

    My daughter has completed 5 grades of exams from Trinity college of music london in piano. We need a teacher for her in Thane to teach piano to prepare her for the next grades . Any leads?

  21. Ms pillai says:

    Pls let me know how much is the theory fees for violin grade 1 exam trinity and grade 5 practical exam.
    Also how can I find a good tutor with piano accompaniment .

  22. Indi says:

    Dear Jojo22

    I am in the process of moving to Mumbai from Dubai where my daughter has been attending Trinity Guildhall training courses and clearing performance examinations for the last 2 years (she started when she was 4) with The Gaia Center (one of the best institutes led by Jessika and Ashwin Menon) in Dubai. She has already completed her certificates in Silver and Gold for YPR and The Communication Skills Initial. She is now preparing to take a test for Speech and Drama Grade 1. To continue this and to ensure she gets trained and tested, I have reached out by mail to Furtados since two weeks and am struggling with no response.

    Can you guide me to a training inistitute based in the Western Suburbs (in the Goregaon – Borivali area) where I can continue her drama and performance education? Having had no response to emails or calls, I could do with a bit of help from you.

    • jojo22 says:

      last i heard,,furtados had started up their own school of music on the lines of trinity,,im not sure if thyre testing for speech and drama too or if they still represent Trinity guidhall at all,,

  23. Ms swamy says:

    I stay in Powai. I am planning to enrol my son into the trinity college of music grade exams. We need a teacher for him in Powai.

  24. Poonam Harlalka says:

    Need someone to pepare my son for Grade 6 keyboard Trnity exam, appearing in may 2014
    Area Breach candy to Churchgate

  25. sudha says:

    i am from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. i want to appear the examination in guitar. so is there any hostel facility in ur college??

  26. Divyesh says:

    Hi Can you guide me to Trinity school of music south mumbai office address

  27. aamna says:

    Hi jojo, I am looking for a western classical vocals teacher, preferably female, in South Mumbai, for myself. I want to train from the point of view of appearing for Trinity exams. I am 27 yrs old with no prior vocal training. can you pls help with any contacts? thanks

    • jojo22 says:

      i have a few male contacts,,ydont u call up bx furtado at dhobitalao

      • aamna says:

        I did. The contact they gave said she only teaches piano. She guided me to samantha edwards in bandra. Have been trying to contact her for further details but unable to get through. Any idea her method and charges? Also, an error on my part , I typed classical. I’m actually looking for a weatern contemporary teacher. Thanks

  28. Joel says:

    What if we only pass initial and second grade…will it make any profit?

  29. Joel says:

    And how can we wait so long for 7 or 8 years and then do diploma for 3 years to be professional singers….that will cost a lot of time and money?

    • jojo22 says:

      doing trinity exams+ classes is time consuming and expensive, but i know many professional musicians who cant read a single note of music,,and are still successful

  30. Aakershit says:

    Hi i’m looking for the violin grade 5 piano accompaniment CD on a urgent basis. Where can i find it/ buy it from?

  31. urmila says:

    can you send me a link that guides me to the college website ? I am not able to find the college website.

  32. Alex says:

    Looking for tutor for Trinity Grade 2 exam located at Sakinaka


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