Student work permit

I think all of us have heard of “package deals”most agents/touts/educational centers that offer “studies abroad” usually tell you that a valid work permit will be issues on completeion of the tuition tenure,like I metioned earlier,this depends on the country in question and lets get things clear here.As a student u cannot get a work permit,but if you are doing youre post graduation,u can get yourself a post graduation student  work permit , if you meet all the prescribed requirements of course.The post graduation work permit is valid for the duration of the course of your program in the country specified
.You only get it if you do a bachelor or master degree or phd,not for certificate programs.If you come on a scholarship or government funding, you aren’t eligble for it. If you take longer than required to complete your program, you dont’ get it.
Most student visas come with a one or two year work permit after the end of the duration of the course.Depending on the country  and the university,these are flexible.Some countires also allow you to extend the visa for stay by another six months,in case you need to study a few extra courses.

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  1. terry June 21, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    getting a permit is quite easy actually,that is the reason so many indians have,i think the corresponding visa is the H1b isnt it?

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