16 Advantages and Benefits of Sharebuilder


16 advantages and benefits of Sharebuilder – Sharebuilder is an online discount brokerage firm by Capital One that lets you easy invest in the stock market with easy to use features.Its ideal for someone with a busy schedule or just about anyone who wants a faster more simplified trading portal.

Here we list 16 advantages of Sharebuilder

1.Buy any stock for $4
2.Good for beginners with easy and uncomplicated site navigation
3.Select from 7000 stocks and ETFs
4.Schedule investments on weekly,biweekly,monthly basis
5.Invest any amount on Tuesday
6.Model portfolios and easy investing tools to help you make a smart choice
7.Trade from your mobile with easy mobile apps for Iphone, Blackberry or Android
8.No account minimum,investment minimum or inactivity fees
9.Sharebuilder has a special discounted pricing where you can buy 12 stocks for $12 in a month
10.Select mutual funds like American Century,Dreyfus,ING Funds and Pimco can be purchased without any transaction fees,this means you wont be charged anything for these trades.
11.Very low Transaction fees on select funds like Dodge & Cox,Fidelity,T.Rowe Price and Vanguard
12.Conveniently transfer your existing retirement account assets into Sharebuilder and then reinvest into any ETFs, Mutual Funds or stocks.Also create your IRA in real time, either opt for Traditional IRA or Roth IRA sharebuilder
13.Since Sharebuilder is a subsidiary of ING DIRECT, you can take advantage of INGs banking facilities too which includes online banking,savings accounts easy home loans and checkin accounts.
14.As a sign in bonus,you receive $100 when you setup your account.
15.Easy transfer funds between your ING and Sharebuilder account.
16.Easy portfolio analysis and tools lets you track which stocks are  gaining or losing.

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