17 Fibroid tips and causes


17 Fibroid tips and causes – Many women of all ages are diagnosed with fibroids. These 17 tips and causes how to avoid them, is a quick fun read.

1.Fibroid is a type to Tumor which attacks the female Uterus . This could also be in ovaries or Fallopian tube .

2.Ovarian  fibrosis can be avoidable from surgery, if the individual is not facing extreme issues. This can be achieved with guidance, regular checkups from your gynecologist and regular ultrasounds. (remember but too often either)

3.In many cases, doctors hurry to operate on fibroid patients without explaining its consequences.

Fibroid Causes

4.Wearing tight clothes around the waistline like a saree or wearing  tight jeans everyday.

5.According to a study wearing tight clothes while sleeping also increases chances of fibroid

6.It could be genetic.

7.It could manifest from other health issues.

Fibroid Signs

8.Excess bleeding

9.Periods longer then 7 days

10.Extreme pain

11.Non reducing menstruation problem

12.Irregular periods even after being sexually active .

How to avoid fibroids

13. Avoid bending if fibroids are confirmed

14. Dont rush for surgery if you are too young.

15.Dont rush for surgery if you are not facing many difficulties

16.Avoid heaty substances.

17.Note. Once fibroid patient gets menopause then the fibroid starts drying itself out.


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