4 Killer Advantages of an Online Degree course


4 Killer Advantages of an Online Degree course -Cost

One of the main advantages of an online degree is the price factor. Real world classes cost anywhere from 3 to 4 times as much as an online degree does. The reason for this is infrastructure running costs, which the teaching institutes does not have to bear if the courses are only online. The only cost is the teaching faculty, therefore it can subsidize the tuition fee. This is in favor of the students greatly as payment schemes are also available for convenience. Most online degree universities allow the students to make the tuition payments in 2-3 installments depending on the duration of the course.


Most degree courses are of a much shorter duration as compared to real life colleges. The reason for this is that most of these courses are intended to be undertaken by working professionals who don’t have much leisure time. Many online courses cover the same syllabus patterns as regular colleges do, only in half the time. They skip out the portions that aren’t necessary, and because of this, they have also been compared to “crash courses” in a way. This is beneficial to students who are in need of a degree quickly such as an online MBA that a candidate requires to secure himself a particular job position.


For people that have a heavy workday schedule, online degree courses are a godsend. They can view and access lectures, assignments, tutorials and study material via cloud at any time during the day. If they miss the live webinars, they can still catch most of the feeds later on. This way lecture videos can greatly help in problem solving and can be stored for future reference. The convenience of a “cloud classroom” whilst sitting in your bedroom at 3 am is priceless.

Direct contact/interactive

Webinars and live streaming video via webcam increases teacher student interaction, and even though it isn’t really one on one, a personalized touch is established. Most cloud classrooms that interact through a common platform have direct chat queues that interconnect all users that are tuned into the session. This discreet form of media between the lecturer and student is an advantage that endorses discussion and ideas.

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