Padhaee.in was setup as an experimental non profit guide and resource tool for people  looking for answers,to a few not so discussed  topics,some of which are often overlooked.It can also be browsed at leisure,and provides an easy to fathom insight into technology,education and food.

Some of the posts reflect the authors personal opinion,and most of the articles published,have not been researched before.They offer an excellent first persons situational perspective  of the subject.

Our chief blogger is an entreprenuer,chef,pianist and engineer,having business interests in technology and hospitality.

Please feel free to contribute to our discussion,and voice your opinion,good or bad.

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  1. monik. May 1, 2016 at 3:04 pm #

    Sir, honestly speaking, i have joined diploma in year 2013 n i have recently given my third attempt, n m in fear that i ain’t gonna clear out.. M dout is that can i give forth attempt, cause i have Heard rumors that 3 attempts and you can never give diploma, well this is killing me,

    Thank you advance

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