7 Tips for Admission to SOL School Of Open Learning


7 Tips for Admission to SOL School Of Open Learning – School of open learning or SOL is a private institution under Delhi University . It is a Central University which has higher value than State Universities .I want to share you people a few tips for admission to SOL and all the various points that you should keep in mind whilst preparing for the admission process.


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1.For admission into SOL,  go to their  Home Website and first signup there , then follow the instructions . Remember SOL does not admit offline admissions anymore. After finishing the  admission Process online you will receive a TEXT from SOL around October to Verify your Admission slip and to collect your course books from SOL Center North / South Delhi.

2.SOL mostly provides books for main subjects, so kindly choose your Discipline Subjects carefully as most of the time they don’t provide other subjects books even in their Libraries . Most Books are way to Expensive . But there are many websites available with notes and summary . Else Buy Separately from the market.

3.SOL holds only Annual Examinations and has  15 to 20 lectures for your Course that you can attend in the university campus. If you try and study 10 days  before, and if you think  that is good enough to clear SOL ,Then let me correct you. You need to do hard work for SOL as You have to cover up Practicals in SOL for many courses like  English Hons.

4. Honors. courses are totally different from Program courses. Honors courses are way to tough to clear in front of Program courses . Hons course Value is higher then Program Courses too.

5. For Example If you choose English Honours ,You will assume before admission its only about Literature and command over Grammar  . That’s not all true . Its way harder and  includes Psychology , Philosophy, History , Logical Mathematics , Hindi as other Subjects . Even with the Literature Exam you may have to write about Authors Anxiety and other details.

6. Honors examination is held in the month of May and the Program examination in the month of June every year respectfully.

7.Do not ever mug up {ratta} and write the  same language as your Guide/helpbook . Read the  help book as a reference but do attempt to write in your own language . Write as much as possible but don’t get detracted  from the question.





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